Intel has released the Minnowboard Max, a Raspberry Pi-like single-board computer.
The mini PC runs the Linux and Android operating systems, powered by a 1.91GHz Atom E3845 processor.
On top of this, the Minnowboard is open-source, with Intel providing the board schematics freely for download.
In addition, the integrated Intel graphics chipset also uses open-source drivers, allowing hackers and tech tinkerers to bend the board’s programming to their desire.
The $99 (£60) Minnowboard shares some similarities with the Raspberry Pi, in that it aims to provide wannabe programmers with a cheap way to design electronic systems, but is unlikely to compete directly given the Pi’s preference for the educational sector.
Intel’s announcement of the all-in-one board follows a crowdfunding campaign earlier this week for an open-source laptop design, which like the Minnowboard and Pi uses a miniature all-in-one ‘system on a board’ to allow open-source customisation.