News/release from Hellin:

Quick Flasher is a simple application for Fat an Slims PSPs with custom firmware 3.71m33 and 3.80m33.
This application gives you the possibility of keeping 6 themes in your memory stick and flash them wherever you want simply and confortably. Remember that this software touches files in flash0,

Instalation and Use

Before starting you should know that Quick Flasher can only be playen in a Custom Firmware 3.71 M33 instaled from "Despertar del cementerio v.3" or Custom Firmware 3.80 M33 instaled from "Despertar del cementerio v.4" from Dark_Alex

For instaling Quick Flasher extrack all the content of the .RAR archive and copie it in the folder MsRoot in
the root of yous memory stick

Using Quick Flasher is very simple, use the direction pad or jostick and select one of the options by pressing the X buttom.

Note: The application will show a warning for 20 seconds when it is started, you can pass this warning by pressing X

The files or themes for flashing in your Fat or Slim PSP should go inside the folder PSP/THEME/Xmb0x

Important: Before flashing any theme, be sure you have the required space in the flash

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