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Thread: Xbox 360 gamers to get FPS leverage with FPS Freek add-on

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    xbox 360 Xbox 360 gamers to get FPS leverage with FPS Freek add-on

    This is a picture of me actually using some of earlier prototypes. These prototypes were a little to long so the latest prototypes were shorter and much more comfortable while in use.

    I want to now explain to you what the product is going to do for you the gamer. I have found the analog sticks a little stiff and a little short. Over an extended gaming period of a game like Halo, my thumbs would be a little sore from the stiffness and the height of the sticks. I also never felt like aiming was real easy with these analogs. The analogs on the 360 controller are real durable and are probably some of the best on the market.

    Now, you might ask, how is adding length to the analog stick going to help me play games better. Well here is the answer. Just about everyone out there understands basic physics and ergonomics. If you make a joystick longer, it adds leverage to that joystick, thus making it easier to move. Also, by adding length to the joystick, you add more travel distance to the outer tip of this joystick. How does this help a gamer? Well, two main things this does for the gamer. First, it makes the analogs easier to move with the extra leverage. This should help the stress level your thumbs feel while playing games. Second, it adds travel to the surface of the analog your thumb is on. What, it adds travel? How could this help and not hurt? Well, since you are not having to exert so much force to move the analog, the extra travel really doesn't bother you. But how does this help? Well imagine while aiming at an opponent in a FPS game. If you add some travel to the analog, you slow down the aiming slightly in the game, thus allowing you to aim more precisely and more accurate. We have found that we might have to adjust our sensitivity a little in bit in the game, but even by doing this, you are still giving a lot more control and precision on aiming.

    So to sum it up. More leverage = less force to move. More length = more precise character movement and more precise aiming. Why would any gamer not want a set of these?

    Source: KontrolFreek
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    never had any problem with the thumbsticks but i might give these ago.

    and the guy in that picture has small sausage fingers, maybe that was the problem?

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