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Thread: GT5: March 28 reports not official

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    ps3 GT5: March 28 reports not official

    via Computer and Video Games

    The word sweeping the net this morning is of a supposed confirmed UK release date for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, set for March 28 by a "Sony release schedule", according to reports.

    Not having received the schedule ourselves, we contacted Sony UK, who told CVG: "We still haven't confirmed anything yet".

    A march release has been on the cards since last month, as we reported, and Sony's official site doesn't shine ay more light on the matter.

    Admittedly, these March 28 reports can't be far off the mark. Although Sony is still unwilling to pin down an exact date, it has told CVG: "We're currently aiming for a late March release, but an exact date and price have yet to be confirmed."

    Plus, major online UK retailer, Play, has had GT5P penned it for that exact date for some time, so it's looking likely.

    But "late March" is the current official word. We'll report with the official date the second Sony utters one.

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    It'll be out April 17th in the US so I'm not so sure about that date for UK considering US normally gets games before them.

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