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Thread: Epic Games helps fellow gamer and shows compassion

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    xbox 360 Epic Games helps fellow gamer and shows compassion

    In related news with Bungie helping a gamer whos Xbox 360 was completely cleaned off of memorable autographs and custom art, Epic Games, who is known for well known Gears of War, has also shown that they also think and care for gamers.

    I wont get into the whole detail but a gaming and forum buddy of mine, we'll call him "CAP", came into some trouble. Worse than what happened to the wiped down Xbox 360. "CAP" was left for dead, bloodied and robbed. Thats what happens when you're drunk and ask the wrong stranger for a ride.

    As a community, a bunch of fellow forum buddies decided to help donate to make "CAP" feel better and keep his hopes up. We scrounged up money and even thought of what to get him..whether it be gifts or to help pay hospital bills. A person thought of writing to Epic Games in regards to the situation since "CAP" is a huge Gears of War fan and I mean HUGE. He bleeds Gears of War. Hell, he should change his name to Gears of War. After much editing, agreeing and disagreeing, we finalized the letter and set it to Epic Games.

    Couple days later, Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games commented on his Facebook page. Next thing you know it, he receives a package and whats inside? Signed Gears of War artbook, Gears of War t-shirt and Gears of War Collectors Edition for the Xbox 360.

    Epic Games definitely cares about their gamers and fans. They look out for their fans and not only about making money. I've even heard they sent him flowers as well. I commend Epic Games for taking the time and to actually reach out and help keep a gamers motivation going and to lift their spirits and hopes. This shows that they have heart that flows blood and not green of money...or ooze.

    Epic Games, you're OK in my book! TNL Crew, you're the best bunch of gamers I've met and glad to be a part of it. "CAP", get well and glad that you're doing good.

    Close up image of signed artbook via comments.

    Source: The Next Level
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