Captain America is feeling excited today! "Big announcement, guys! So excited! You excited?"

Iron Man commented: "Look guys, I know we're getting a continuation to our Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I mean, what's really new about this one?"

Nick Fury commented: "This is Avengers Alliance Tactics. Like before, players will take on the role of a SHIELD agent who sends teams of heroes out to save the day in turn-based battles. However, this time the the map is grid-based, when before it was just teams of heroes on the left side of the screen battling enemies on the right. Now, positioning is a factor, and the 3D graphics mean the 20 heroes available at launch can be seen from more angles."

Hawkeye commented: "As long as they get my good side!"

Black Widow commented: "So where and when can we play it?"

Nick Fury commented: "We're not sure when it'll be released worldwide, but it's coming to Canada first. They say we'll have it 'soon.'" Wolverine likes this.

Spider-Man commented: "Hey guys, I know this might not be the best time to ask, but can I be an Avenger now?"

Hulk poked Spider-Man. Spider-Man's bones are dust.