Pilots, Star Citizen's tank is filled with over $43 million in funding, you're clear for departure. Don't propel yourself into the deepest, darkest depths of space just yet though - get your bearings, get comfortable in your new, futuristic attire, learn how maneuvering a tin can in space works. If you helped fund Star Citizen, you can do all of these things in the dogfight-focused Arena Commander mode, which is due to make contact with backers on May 29.

Developer Cloud Imperium Games plans to offer the single player Free Flight and Vanduul Swarm modes in Arena Commander's initial launch. Studio Director Erin Roberts shared questions the team asks themselves while developing Vanduul Swarm, like "how many fighters in a wave?" and "how many waves?," which suggests an AI-populated, wave-based style of play.

Though creator Chris Roberts has supplied a schedule for development up until the planned launch, he acknowledges that there could be "unforeseen issues" that risk a delay. However, he adds that if they surface, "the community will know what they are AND how they impact the schedule as soon as I do."