Dreamca another Sunday ..... u no excuse, I say today is a Saturday lol, but no matter! We like things to offer, from all to all! Today, play something for those novice developers Cenbubble is an example of very simple game style " Puzzle Booble ", to see how easy it is to launch an idea: D (Style 1945 or Alien SDL). It is made ​​with SDL, SDL_image and SDL_gfx, and therefore is easily portable to multiple platforms. The truth is that this source had it stored in the virtual "loft" several years ago (the author, Xavier Sala , he used to instruct students) and lacked some retouching to make it more functional on the Dreamcast. So encouraged me and I added the option to múltipels levels, and several optimizations that are not delayed in our little white Includes 6 levels , and you can easily add those you like, without touching any code! The controls are simple: the D-PAD to move the pointer up to shoot, and the X / Y you change level, L to go. Easy, right? For those wanting to improve the code (it is GPL), here are some ideas! - Rating System and hiscores. - Sounds - Background Music - Wallpaper by level. - etc!