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February 5th, 2008, 08:56
I got alot questions,. and some are probably gonna sound very noobish. I've searched alot in the past few days,. and even though I found some info,.. I didn't seem to find much that pertained to what I wanted to know,.. so here goes :p

......incase it matters,.... I have M3 DS Real with it's most recent software (v2.9)

1. Is there a way to play .wma files? (without having to convert them)

2. Does anyone else have problems converting "Large" .avi files?

3. Is there a way to watch .avi files on the DS without converting? (I found a program that seemed to claim that it can,. but I couldn't get it to run ((tuna-vids)) maybe I misunderstood what the program was for. :o )

4. What are the benefits of Moonshell over the standard M3 Real setup? I messed around with Moonshell but I couldn't do anything with it besides view photos, videos,. and listen to music. (maybe that's all it's for,. and I'm just retarded :confused: )

5. ::EDIT:: Nvm. I had DSOrganize this whole time and just realized it's Genius!!.... Is there a program that allows you to move files or rename folders from within the DS? (I ask because I've started to realize how extremely annoying it is to constantly have to swap out my Micro sdhc card just to move things around.)

6. What's the general rule as far as where I need to place emulator files and rom folders? I've noticed that with some of the emulators you can browse for the games folder. (( I LIKE, VERY NICE :thumbup: ))... but with others they don't have a readme,. or a cfg file to change,.. it's like they assume that you're just "supposed" to know.

7. Where can I find M3 DS Real skins? ((not Moonshell skins))

I think that's it :p Hope the questions weren't annoyingly noobish,..

thnx, Silva :D

February 6th, 2008, 00:35
1. Not that I know of. You'll have to convert them.

2. Which converter, and which output format?

3. Tuna-viDS can play *.avi files yes, but you have to have them specially formatted first. This is the format:

* Video: 256px wide, up to 192px tall, up to 12fps, Xvid encoded, non-interlaced
* Audio: Mono MP3
* Container: AVI with chunk index, video must be the first stream (fourcc 00dc)

More info about it is at http://chishm.drunkencoders.com/tuna-vids/index.html

You can use SUPER to convert this or you can use ffmpeg like he suggests.

4. No clue, sorry.

6. Usually you just need to read the "ReadMe" files. For instance, the ReadMe file for SNEmulDS tells you that SNES games should go into a folder called "SNES" while snemul.cfg goes on the root of your card, and SNEmulDS.nds can be anywhere. Some emulators require you to package the games into the *.nds file. Some let you load from the filesystem. There really isn't a "general rule" you can go by since each does things differently.

February 6th, 2008, 23:34
Kinda sucks about the .wma's but I don't see myself listening to alot of music through my DS in the future.

2. Which converter, and which output format?After I read your reply I realized that I hadn't tried converting the large file with SUPER. After failed attempts at converting the large file with GBAlpha (I think that's what I used) I had given up on the large files all together and just stuck with the small files. SUPER converted it just fine though. :thumbup:

3. Tuna-viDS can play *.avi files yes, but you have to have them specially formatted first.Are the .avi versions of the same file that much better?? cuz so far SUPER's converting fine.

Thnx for the help Dan...

Anyone else have any info on Moonshell,. or where I can find any M3 Skins? And a new question: Do any of the existing Genesis emulators have sound?


February 7th, 2008, 00:51
My main use of Tuna-viDS is for videos that must remain in-sync. DPG files have a nasty habit of going out of sync every once in a while. However, the converted AVI files for Tuna-viDS are only 12 fps max, so there's noticeable choppiness. I've only used it for these two marching band videos that refused to stay in sync when I converted them to DPG, and obviously a marching band show needs to be in sync to be effective at all.

If DPG is working fine for you, then I'd suggest sticking with that. Besides, until Chishm updates Tuna-viDS, you can only launch one video file at once.

The most recent release of jEnesisDS added sound support for most games. Check it out.