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    i have an xbox with my modchip installed and a 120 gb hd, but when i try and turn it on it flashes green, shuts off, flashes green, shuts off, then flashes green and then goes to red and keeps swapping colors, but other times it will turn straight on, and then the next time it will start doing it again

    has this happened to anyone, anyone know what could be my problem, any ideas where i could start looking

    thanks for the help

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    Default Re: Starting up Problem

    Xbox-scene has much information that will help you, they have boards dedicated to modding & its associated troubles you may have

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    I had this problem once, my modchip wasn't installed correctly, check your wiring, soldering and so on

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    sounds like a loose modchip to me or a DVD drive problem but more than likely the modchip.

    is it a solderless modchip ?

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    ill check my chip thanks for the help

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