the controller is in a remote control shape.. there is a expansion slot on the back were a number of add ons will be able to be pluged in... in the video they use a analoge stick... anyway the way that it does the motion thing is 2 sensors are stuck to the side of your T.V and this judges all 3D the movement.... so far these are the main feature known

Remote control design: constructed to appeal to a wide variety of potential players
3D Pointing: Sensors understand up, down, left, right, forward and backward.
Tilt Sensitive: Controller can be rotated or rolled from side-to-side.
Buttons Included: Has a trigger on its backside, face buttons, and a D-Pad.
Multifunctional: Has an expansion port which can be used with different types of controller peripherals. Analog stick with two trigger buttons planned for left hand.
Wireless: Totally wire-free. Currently there are no details on the max distance, source or power, or otherwise.
Rumble Built-in: Included standard in all the controllers

Now for the Controller setup.. this confused me at first but now it is simple... At the front there is the power button.. then comes the D-Pad... then there is the Classic BIG A button... there is then abit below that 3 buttons... Select Start and Home... how i have no idea what this home button is but it has to be in there for a reason.... then below this there are small a and B buttons and on the back there is a big B (trigger Button).... The Controller

Then there is the add-on
Click here if you have not seen it.... the analoge Stick and Trigger add-on (a.k.a nunchuck-style controller) - at first it looks simple but looking closer it looks really comfy and there is not just the analoge stick and thats it... there is also Z1 and Z2 at the front...

but i bet at one point you thought.... ahhh but how do i play the old games?? for games that are guna come out on all 3 next gens how will the Rev work because it doesnt have as many buttons.... well i thought this... but so did ninty... they have made a Controller shell add-on which then means the Rev controller can turn into a normal controller... The best thing about this is that even when its in the shell the Remote control is still on so this means even more things can happen in a game.... instead of strugling to use the analoge stick to move and press buttons all you have to do is move.... and the shell also means there is enough buttons to be able to have the same games on rev than the PS3 and Xbox360.... its not known whats it going to look like but to give you an idea this is what ign think it could look like

also another thing to rember is in the video there is a guy druming with 2 of the controllers... that means that people maybe able to use 2 controllers and the same time... interesting!

Now something i have been thinking.... at first the extra A and B buttons confused me but i read that they were put on there just to show the buttons and they will probly be X and Y... After thinking its also obvious what the 'Home' button does... it simple sends you to the Revolutions home... were you can look at your downloads, play music, watch films and you will most probly also be able to re Calabrate the sensors for the controller... Then i started thinking more... if u want to download stuff... maybe you will also be able to search the web....

Ok now i have got over the inital shock i think i can finally think properly... The first second i saw it i thought... coool its like a cool looking lazer gun... but no... the reason this is so dam amazing is because its 3D... it can move Up, Down, Left, Right like normal but no it can also do backwards forwards and even twisting, rotating and tilting... the sensors can do it all and thats the bit that i really do think is amazing... Here is an example i just thought of... thing of a driving game... when you watch people that dont play games much they move the controller... imagin how good there guna be.... and i am scared that people may realise that because this really is something special.... The other thing that struck me was the look and color... they have taken ideas from one of the most popular electrical thing around 2day.. the IPod... now i dont like ipods but i have to admit they do look cool and have a very grown up image..

so you still think ninty are kiddy? also if you look at the silver stand on the bottom that is the external hard drive

also to understand this more Watch this video

What more can i say but im gettin one on release day