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The brand new console Golden Axe was on display at Sega's media day event. In this modern reimagining of this classic arcade game, players take on the role of Amazon warrior Tyris Flare. In a variety of skimpy outfits, players must vanquish the evil Darth Vader Death Adder. At Tyris' disposal are massive beasts -- and you'll do more than just ride them. These beasts are killing machines that can be used in a variety of ways.

These beasts are tools. According to Joystiq, "you don't heal them and care for them; you use them and grab another. But they're also alive. If they get attacked, you'll have to deal with a feisty beastie." Enemies also have access to beasts, so for those that are interested, you can "expect some hot beast-on-beast combat action."

Unfortunately, Golden Axe: Beast Rider will not feature co-operative play of any sort. Apparently, this was a conscious effort by the developers at Secret Level, to ensure that they refine the combat just right. Expect co-op in the myriad of sequels to follow, should Beast Rider proves to be successful.

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