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Thread: Sonic Shooting for DS

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    Default Sonic Shooting for DS

    Fans of the 'hog are in for a treat this year: Team Sonic are planning new Sonic The Hedgehog games for both GameCube and DS.[br]Speaking to Nintendo Official Magazine UK, Team Sonic boss Yuji Naka said, "We are in development with a new GameCube Sonic game, which we hope to release before the end of 2005."[br][br]Specific details about whether the game would be a freshly spikey experience or more akin to Cube's Sonic Adventure weren't discussed. When we contacted Sega directly to dig the dirt we were told that they weren't "speaking about that at the moment". Boo![br][br]Slightly more details available about the DS Sonic game, although that's mostly because Team Sonic showed off a DS tech demo at last year's E3 where you rubbed the touchscreen like a nutter to make Sonic run. This feature will remain, but Naka-san is keen to ensure that the capabilities of the handheld are fully exploited. "We are taking our time to make sure the game makes use of the DS's many new features," he told NOM.[br][br]Personally, we'd quite like to see a minigame where you have to flick fleas from Sonic's mangy blue hide and batter the crap out of Tails, who for some reason rubs us up the wrong way.[br][br]More Sonic info soon.

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    do you know if the new sonic will be gamecube exclusive or for all three systems? Yuji made it sound like it was, but i want to make sure

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