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Thread: HD-less Revolution

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    Default HD-less Revolution

    a source close to Nintendo states that the lack of HD support for the Revolution is a strategic move on Nintendo's part to force developers to cut costs, avoiding HD-compatible textures that "no one will ever see." As a bonus rumor - The Behemoth's new game will be fun!

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    hmm, so that HDTV in that video was a gimmick? uggh I dont know if i believe this one...

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    Obviously, Nintendo's strategy is to make a console that's inexpensive to produce, inexpensive for the consumer to buy, and cheap to develop for. So yeah, the lack of HDTV support fits into that strategy in all three areas. But the idea that Nintendo didn't include HD support to force developers to reign in development costs is probably stating it a little too strong.

    I agree that the Rev's lack of HD support probably won't age very well over the next five years. However, all three consoles will probably have a significant weak point or two that won't hold up well over time. Already, I think Microsoft has made three poor decisions with the 360 that, quite frankly, will ultimately prove embarrassing.

    1. The lack of built-in WiFi. My $130 Nintendo DS has it, but my $400 XB360 doesn't? Sorry Microsoft, but ethernet is NOT next-gen. Rubbing salt in the wound, the 360's WiFi adapter costs a ridiculous $100. Bad, bad decision on Microsoft's part.

    2. The use of console-specific memory cards for portable storage. Sorry, but we have several varieties of flash memory now. Just pick one and support it. There's no need for proprietary memory cards anymore. It's just embarrassing.

    3. The lack of next-gen storage media support. Fitting games with hi-def textures on standard DVDs just isn't gonna cut it. Developers are already having trouble getting 360 games to fit on one DVD. Rumors are that Oblivion will need 4 DVDs. Sony's putting blu-ray in the PS3 to solve this problem, though at considerable cost. The Rev won't need hi-def textures, so it'll run into fewer problems in this area. But Microsoft has somewhat trapped themselves in a corner on this one.

    Since I don't have HDTV, I'm fine with Nintendo's decision to shun HD. At least for now. Ask me again how I feel about it in a couple of years. But at this point, I'll take the flash memory support and built-in WiFi over HD.

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