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Thread: PC Magazine Predicts Nintendo to Win Handheld War In 2006

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    Default PC Magazine Predicts Nintendo to Win Handheld War In 2006

    PC Magazine’s handheld predicitions are in for the year of 2006, and they have made their predictions on the handheld market. “ When it comes to handheld gaming, the story is much different. Sony's overpriced PSP continues to lag, as a steady stream of warmed-over PS2 games port over. Nintendo, using a double-barreled attack that features the fashionable Gameboy Micro and the quirky but innovative DS, will continue to win over the market. Riding a wave of great content, including Mario & Luigi, Mario Kart DS, and Animal Crossing, Nintendo will remain on top as 2006 comes to a close.”

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    It's not surprising, considering Nintendo has obliterated each and every one of its competitors in the handheld department.

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