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    ps3 Fracture

    Newly released today:

    Fracture advances players to the year 2161, where the effects of global warming have altered the planetís landscape, and a clash in ideologies over human enhancement places society on the threshold of war. In utilizing the core gameplay mechanic of Fracture, a destructive next-generation technology known as Terrain Deformation, players are equipped with an arsenal of futuristic weaponry to strategically reshape their surroundings on the fly. Every action they perform dynamically reshapes the earth in ways no videogame has.

    Players set foot on the frontlines of this epic conflict in the role of Jet Brody, a demolitions expert fighting for the Atlantic Alliance, who rely upon cybernetic enhancement. Pitted against the genetically enhanced soldiers of the Pacifican army, players will experience a revolution in 22nd-century warfare. When Brody throws a tectonic grenade onto a level battlefield, the ground blasts upward providing access to otherwise unreachable areas or providing cover against approaching enemies. Surrounded on all sides by Pacifican forces, Brody heaves a vortex grenade, creating a swirling tornado-like mass of boulder, dirt and debris to dispatch his foes. These are just a few samples of the possibilities for Terrain Deformation. Players not only change the battlefield Ė they change the face of the battle itself

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    Here is my view on the demo that I posted in a different forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by ElRazur View Post
    I played the demo and I felt it was lacking a few things. In terms of weapons, there are some really good futuristic weapons, my favourite gotta be the "underground RPG".....well you shoot it and it goes just below the ground [I think you can control it too] and then you detonate it directly or close by to your enemies or their vehicles/station. I thought that was very clever and never before seen. Lol.

    I like the sprint action. It feels fast due to the blurry effect. The A.I acts...well intelligent and like I said before, just don't seem to shoot in a regular pattern that the player become quickly acquainted to. It is more or less random, but they will try to shot you out of where ever you go.

    The lack of cover in the game kinda sucks. It will be nice for one to be able to dock behind cover and hide so one can see round corners like in Rainbow six. Instead, there is just a single button for bending down and getting up.....The game feels stupid as one runs around from the hails of bullets and a bit boring for the constant need to throw up cover using the special guns...Overall, it looks promising, but the review from other people just kinda put me off it and the lack of proper cover action rules it out for me completely I think.

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    When I first read about fracture, I loved the concept, but I was very disappointed with the demo.

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    Yeah! not a game worth buying

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