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Thread: One more SBI file...

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    I don't think there is any reason for my sbi to be uploaded then if Majk's/M@jk's is fine anyway plus it's no diff to the one I made anyway after looking at it, it is indeed unscrambled as it should be and I even like the image beter than the one I packed with it.

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    Guys, you are just like the fonze!! Cool, I'm having a mare of a week thats all, I have 3 diff burners, and I have had no probs so far, not sure what the buggery I'm doing wrong!!! but I'm sure you can help

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    Are your file names no longer than 12 character, counting the period and the extention?

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    Ok glad to hear that everything is ok.

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    Just a stab in the dark :/

    hmm some problems do happen when you don't have enough Hard Drive space

    you not only need the space that the files in the inducer folder take up but you need double that free on top of the space used in the inducer folder

    example if the contents of the inducer folder will be using up 50mb you need just over 150mb of free space for it to work or a lil over 100mb after you have files in the inducer folder.

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