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Thread: found a HUGE bug, sorry

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    Default found a HUGE bug, sorry

    sorry guys but I clicked delete my post because it had an error when uploading the pic, and instead of just deleting my post, it deleted everything in the gamecube forum. :-[

    i checked it on both firefox and ie and they both have nothing in the gamecube forums. this is a bug that should be worked out.

    EDIT: Whoah, how did that happen? it's back to normal! and no I was not drunk, im 15. You guys can just ignore this post because im to afraid to press delete post again ;D. can somebody give me an idea of what might have happened?

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    Default Re: found a HUGE bug, sorry

    yeah every time i delete a post the same thing happens, its has the appearance that all the post in the section are gone, then a little while later everything is back again.

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    Default Re: found a HUGE bug, sorry

    Hehe, seems some admin deleted or edited a newspost while you were writing. That will cause a problem with the thread number so the whole forum seems to be deleted. The admin has to use the recount boards function and vóila, everything's back to normal *

    That happened for me as well a few months ago... Believe me I was damn scared... Really looks like the whole forum's deleted...

    Edit: Wait that happened twice?! Seems not to be possible...

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