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Thread: Nintendo Revolution Rumours Emerge

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    Default Nintendo Revolution Rumours Emerge

    In more next-gen console news, has rumourmongering info on the new Nintendo console. Interesting bits like gyroscope sensing controllers and an online service make for intriguing ideas, but no details yet on what's going to make this console a revolution. From the article: "And what's revolutionary about Revolution? The inside source claims that talking about that "would get him into too much trouble" ... He is quoted as saying: "if you think too hard you'll never guess what it is. It's nothing 'new', technically speaking. It's just something that hasn't really been applied to videogames yet."

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    Default Re:   Nintendo Revolution Rumours Emerge

    yea i think in the end im not guna trust he/she

    the DS tells me it is going to be different so i will go with my gut and say BS!!

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