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    how do you get all the characters on ssbm, someone please help me

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    whats ssbm?

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    super smasx brothers, melee?

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    1.Jigglypuff -- Clear Adventure or Classic mode with any character or play Vs. more than 50 times.
    2.Luigi -- Luigi's appearance depends entirely on your level time for the first Adventure mode level. The time stops the moment you jump the "flag" finish line at the end of the Mushroom Kingdom sidescrolling level. Look at your seconds counter and try to time it so that you get a "2" in your seconds (like 22, 52, 24, etc). If you got it right, you will see Luigi appear over Princess Peach's Castle in Adventure mode during a cut-scene. Complete the Adventure and he will appear after the game. Or: Play Vs. Mode more than 800 times.
    3.Young Link (Clone of Link) -- Clear Classic or Adventure mode with 10 characters (two of which have to be Link and Zelda/Sheik) or complete 500 Vs. matches.
    4.Dr. Mario -- Clear Classic or Adventure mode with Mario without using continues (Tip: use Very Easy difficulty) or play more than 100 Vs. matches.
    5.Ganondorf -- Clear Event Match 29 or play more than 600 Vs. matches.
    6.Pichu -- Clear 200 Vs. Matches, clear Event Match 37, or conquer Classic mode with Mewtwo.
    7.Marth -- Use the original 14 characters at least once in Vs. or another regular mode, or play more than 400 Vs. matches.
    8.Roy (Clone of Marth) -- Clear Classic Mode with Marth without using a continue or play more than 900 Vs. matches.
    9.Falco (Clone of Fox) -- Clear 300 Vs. Matches or beat the 100-Man Melee.
    10.Mewtwo -- Rack up 20:00 hours in Combined Vs. Play Time or play 700 Vs. matches.
    11.Mr. Game & Watch -- Clear Target Test, Classic, or Adventure mode with all 24 characters. Or: play more than 1,000 Vs. matches.

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