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Thread: Creating Backups

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    Default Creating Backups

    I have been looking to try and create a backup for a game (mario tennis) to see if it works! my p.c has a DVD R but when i put a gamecube disk into my p.c but it cant read it the GC disk!

    is there a certain type of software that i have to use? if so can any1 recomend 1?? i dont want to waste any disks because they cost alot so i want to get it right!

    i have not got a disk yet but i have seen them for 12 for 1 so *im dont think it will be worth it in the end but i wana see if it will work!

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    Default Re: Creating Backups

    Zaneblade, you've made more than 100 posts, how can you not know about the anti-backup policy, best advice I can give is google for it.

    Incase you dont know, repitition of looking for info on backups gets you banned.

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    Default Re: Creating Backups

    You can't backup GC without the viper chip anyway.

    I'm not even positive the viper chip even allows backups.

    But, yeah - like M2k said - no discussion of backups.


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