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Thread: need help:ghost switch for sLiM

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    Default need help:ghost switch for sLiM

    does anyone in the forum know of a site that has detailed info on instaling the ghost switch for ps2 slim, i need to install this to run the swap magic 3.3

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    Default Re: need help:ghost switch for sLiM

    okay, im pretty sure that most mods on here are trying to keep the site as legal as possible so talking about modding you PS2 for backups is probably a bad thing

    Anyway, although im not even sure what a ghost switch is, since the slim PS2 is flip-top you need NO modification for playing 'backups' you simply need to use selotape to hold down certain pressure switches and then use your SMD v3.3

    What the hell is a ghost switch? sounds like the switches you have on chipped xbox's when you wanna turn the chip off for live!

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