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Thread: Strange Loading Behavior.. Please help!

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    Default Strange Loading Behavior.. Please help!

    Ok, I just bought a DC off ebay and received it today. It came with two brand new games, World Series Baseball 2k1 and NFL 2k. The DC was manufactured in Dec 99 and works great turning it on and going through the menus and whatever. I put in WSB2k1 and it loaded up fine.. started playing a game and within 5 minutes it froze. I restarted and now, it won't load any games, meaning.. it recognizes them, boots them, but does not load them. I put the game in, it spins up, goes to the white background with SEGA on it (not the dreamcast startup) and then after some more loading it goes back to the DC config screen. If I click on play from there, it says Insert a game disc. I tried messing with the potentimeter (sp?) and i got it to load WSB2k1 once, and then nothing again.. I'm at a loss here, I'd rather not send it back if it can be fixed somehow.

    Also, I noticed the laser doesn't look very bright (compared to say a PS2's laser, i do a lot of modding on PS2s). I can barely see it reflecting off the disc. Is there a way to turn up the Lasers power?

    BTW: Music CDs play great, and so does the Music from the Game CDs (the track that says "This is for use on Dreamcast". I'm so very confused..

    Edit2: I've noticed that at the current setting, It will boot the game if the DC is off for a period of time and starts up with the disc inside.. i think it still eventually freezes.. if I restart it, the other problem comes back.

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    Default Re: Strange Loading Behavior.. Please help!

    looks like standard thermal problem, open the dreamcast remove alim ,optical bloc and the metal plate and verify the thermal pads (cpu and vpu), there sould be good contact with the plate. Could be the fan too but would play longer before rebooting.
    Also search the net, there must exist tutorials about that.

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    Default Re: Strange Loading Behavior.. Please help!

    i think i have the same problem with one of my DCs, tell me this, when it starts acting up does the dreamcast boot intro change i.e. instead of the ball bounceing to make the dreamcast sign, the sign comes up straight away?

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    I believe it did do that once or twice. I have come to the conclusion that it has something to do with this game or just GD-Roms in general. I burned a couple of DC emulators on real crappy CDRs and they boot every time.

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    Default Re: Strange Loading Behavior.. Please help!

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    Hi,my name is jack and same exact thing happened with my DC if you happen to find a website with a tutorial on how to fix this email me at [email protected]

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