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Thread: Excuse me, but...

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    I knew they were going to go this route. *They caught waaaay too much flak for what happened with Wind Waker, even though WW is one of the greatest games of all time! *Too bad Nintendo already lost some gamers but this guy will be picking this one up

    That's the sound of my jaw dropping. Too bad this pics are a bit dark (/me kicks the big N).

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    Default Re: Excuse me, but...

    This looks really good!..
    I agree nintendo has gotta start creating more games geared
    to adults.. I love the Gamecube, the hardware is incredible, just
    there aren't enough good titles.. although WW was really good..
    but that looks even better!

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    Default Re: Excuse me, but...

    I really really loved the look of Wind Waker! It looked so cartoonish, like a Disney movie (and as cool as the SuperNES Zelda 3 back then)

    Thinkin of it, every 2nd time a new Zelda shows up they completly changed the look of it. Don't count Majora's Mask and the GBX titles and you'll see what I mean.

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    Default Re: Excuse me, but...

    majora's maks was the worst zelda IMO.

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    Default Re: Excuse me, but...

    ;D Now that's a cool label for a really good game... "worst Zelda"

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    Default Re: Excuse me, but...

    Looks incredible, can't wait to get it.
    I've always loved the Zelda games, Ocarina of Time was so amazing, and still is.

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    Cant wait for the new zelda. i admit i was a bit dissapointed when Wind Waker was realesed with those graphics but when i played the game i really enjoyed the style of it. i thibk the best zelda game of all time was ocarina of time

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    I thought WW sucked personally. and not in the good way.
    I bought a game cube because of the previews of the Zelda title they were going to release on it. Remember those?? They look way better then whats even coming out now.

    Personally I hope you dont have to deal with side BS to complete the story. Like in OoT or MM. and thats why I really hate MM. Then they got the gay fairy dude in WW!! This one would be cool if it was like dynasty warriors even. Give me a straight action game. Even Metroid stinks in that department. I dont want to have to scan 1,000,000 things to see a halfway decent ending.

    Yes I hope there are puzzles. But I liked the very original Zelda because I could go from level to level and get all the special items and go back to the older levels and kick butt on it. Thats why to this day I have young link in OoT with the megaton hammer and float boots saved into the game.(he's got a black outfit too)
    Id rather have the boards so spaced out then HAVE to go from one point to the other point. and I dont see why they dont do that either. Just make a semistandard area like in the lost woods. Just waaaaay bigger or what ever and you just have to look through it all.

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