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Thread: BOUNTY: Flash Player 6

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    If someone can port Flash Player 6 to Dreamcast, either by beefing up the planetweb source code, or adapting the source for PocketPC's that use an SH4 processor, ill pay them a fair bit of money....

    get in touch if you can, or know someone who can.

    [email protected]


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    well there is nothing they can do with planetweb cause that is illegal and i doubt there is anything they can do with flash cause it involves some files that only work with windows XP can anybody agree with me on that or is there away?

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    they only work for windows, because the source has been compiled for x86 processors... or so I believe... if you can get it, you can compile the source for whatever processor you like... just like you can get Flash player for various types of pocket pc... Could be wrong.. but im quite sure it could be done!


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