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Thread: Sony 'Anti-Used Game' Patent Explored

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    ps3 Sony 'Anti-Used Game' Patent Explored

    Sometime in 2000, Sony patented a process that would 'verify a disc as legitimate, register the disc to that particular game console, then wipe out verification data so the disc would be rendered unreadable in other PlayStations'. Despite unrest in the gaming community over this technology, the company has repeatedly stated they have no plans to use it in the PS3. The LA Times explores this persistent debate, examining why Sony developed the tech and why gamers are nervous. From the article:
    "Whatever Sony's plans, the tempest [over the patent] illustrates the changing nature of ownership as millions of people accumulate vast collections of digital entertainment. Few people realize that when they buy software or music or movies, they are actually buying a license to use, watch or listen. That's why it violates copyright laws for people to sell copies of their music collection."

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    This confuses me... I'm trying to understand how the author is confusing/comparing the selling of used games with the distribution of copied games.
    That's why it violates copyright laws for people to sell copies of their music collection
    This "technology" has been so controversial because the trade of used games is legal precisely since when you sell your software, you relinquish all rights to possession of it and it is assumed that you are also destroying all copies of that software that you posesss, whereas selling/sharing copies of your software (which is a far bigger problem and this technology does nothing to prevent) is illegal because you only own the license to the original, and that license typically only allows for copies to be made strictly for personal, private use. The two issues are really largely unrelated... Could you give a link to the full article?

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    This is, indeed, the most controversial issue in the digital distribution story.

    Everyone knows what piracy is and its consequences. there is no need to say more about that.

    The real problem here is what Sony is planning to prevent piracy. The Industry, one way or the other, spend too many millions on software investment for simply allow people to create and distribute backups that many can get for free or extremely cheap.

    That can be justified.

    What can't be justified is this copy protection software Sony is creating to prevent it.

    If, for example, you buy certain game or software that runs on PS3 or any Sony electronic device that has an internal memory to check the security code. You put it inside the machine, it reads and loads properly. No problem here.

    But, what happens when the disc does not load properly or you don't like the game or the disc is defective the moment you try to test it or breaks up after you played it once and return to warranty and receive a new one? The machine already signed the security code. The new disc will never load. It's expecting the one you start for and the new one will become an ILLEGAL disc automatically.

    Many of us let other friends borrow a game for a day or two because they would like to play t before decide if they buy the game. The security code is now on their consoles. They like the particular game in question and BUY a copy on the local store. It doesn't load. His/Her new and legal copy of the software will become ILLEGAL to the machine.

    We just hope Sony don't use that technology on its current and future products. Otherwise, the complaints about replacements of the same product not working will fill their mail boxes and their Email boxes.

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    lol sony is screwin themselves into bankruptcy

    do you happen to know the patent number so i can search on it
    You don't need to know my mental status. You probably don't want to, either.

    September 5th, 2005:
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    There wont be a N64 emu on the PSP. Not one that is playable anyways.
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    Default :confused:

    What about resellers like eb or gamestop. they'll not be able to sell used games.
    And if it's illegal to sell used collections, why are these stores allowed to sell used titles? naturally the developers don't see a penny from used game sales.
    i understand sony's need for copy protection. i just don't understand why they won't treat customers better than the businesses. and the used game retailers are making millions off of used games.

    can you say disposable disc? how much? 100usd? nah i'm buyin nintendo this year.
    i'll get ps3 when i win the lottery. i'll never buy microsoft game system.

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    Actually this patent (tying a particular game specimen to a particular machine) is henious in many other ways, even if we dont talk about lending games to friends an family:

    What if I have more than ONE console.

    Divorce kids having ONE machine att Moms place and one at Pops pkace ....

    Another scenario: A family with several kids and several TV-sets and several consoles ....

    Third Scenario: An inveterate gamer in possesion of a TV and console in very room...

    There are numerous other situations where there are perfectly legitimate reasons to play the same game on different consoles.

    And as sure as GOD is my witness if the game industry introduce such a henious and diabolic scheme, I will chip my concoles and I WILL NEVER BUY A LEGIT COPY AGAIN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND ONLY USE PIRATED STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

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    well sony had the multiple console theory covered from the start....
    no one could afford more than one console!!!
    even if there is enough stock there will be one console per street!
    PS3 ration books anyone?

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    Paah. There are other brands (e.g. Xbox), and the portables are beginning to look interersting too (e.g. Game Park XGP).

    I know GamePark are smalltimers next to the Sony Giant but Sony was a giant in other fields too and lost its leading position (eg TVs) to Korean competition (SAMSUNG) and in the final analysis no matter how much lead they have, if they offer the consumers a to bad a deal , the Sony device will flopp. Trust me, I own a MiniDisc player so I know.

    Remains to see if Sony have learned, if not they will learn of Darwins theorys, the hard way

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