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    Built to replace the N64, the GameCube is Nintendo's main contender and was launched in Japan in September 2001.
    It hit British shelves in May 2002 and sold 1 million in 11 weeks.

    The console is cube-shaped and some people say the graphics are even better than the PS2.

    At 79 it's the cheapest of the main three consoles.

    There's no DVD playback with the current model. Internet gaming is possible but with a separate adaptor.

    There's a wireless control pad available too and gamers can connect to the GameBoy Advance.

    Nintendo say their strength is the power to connect their portables and consoles together.

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    [quote author=meiscool link=board=gamecube;num=1089803348;start=0#0 date=07/14/04 at 06:09:08]The console is cube-shaped and some people say the graphics are even better than the PS2.[/quote]

    Hm, the grfx specs are better than the PS2 ones. PS2 is technically close to Dreamcast while GC and xBox are similar advanced.

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    edited out because of the use of offensive language - please don't flame anyone for nothing. Thank you, CE

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    i got rid of my gamecube.i think i only had it for a couple of months.i didnt like it...i got a xbox instead.... i currently have a nes (top loading),snes,genesis,n64,playstation 1 and 2,dreamcast,xbox....

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    Whoa i know i am no op but there is no need to use that type of language towards meiscool. Also i know i just said i am no op but let the ops take care of him if there is a problem with him.

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    Yeah, absolutly correct. I've edited the post.

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