UPDATE: YouTube video

I just released a game you may be interested in.

Heres some info about the game:

Extreme Onslaught is a homebrew multi-directional shooter for the Nintendo DS. It currently has 7 distinct enemy types.

Use either the dpad or the ABXY buttons to control movement.
Use the shoulder buttons to launch a bomb.
Drag your stylus or finger on the touch screen to control the direction of your weapon fire.
After a short period of game play, your weapon will start to spread out. For wider weapon fire, move the stylus far from the center of your touch screen. For more tight fire, keep the stylus centered.

For more information on this genre of game, check out the SHMUPS entry in wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHMUPS

Splash Screen
Better Sound
Wifi High Scores
More Enemies

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