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Thread: Ps2 HDD work as memory card?

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    Default Ps2 HDD work as memory card?

    ok i just got my PS2 (it came with the network adapter ;D) i dont have any memory cards or money to go and buy one >. i formated my 7 gig HD to the PS2 format and installed my onimusha II game to it. i got pretty far into the game and i cant save it because i havnt got a memory card! if i put the HDD into my network adapter is there a way to use it as a big memory card?

    thx - Eric

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    Default Re: Ps2 HDD work as memory card?

    i guess no one has any info about this? c'mon i thought this was a "Super Friendly Community"?......then again that super thing is kinda freakin me out

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