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Thread: PS2 Genius Required!!

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    Default PS2 Genius Required!!

    Hi All!

    I recently bought a flip-top cover and Swap Magic discs. I have a version 4,5,6, or 7 PS2 (I don't know but it has 8 screws at the bottom!) The discs I have are Swap Magic 3.0 (CD version Europe build) and Swap Magic (DVD version 2.0 EUR build).

    The reason for me buying the flip-top and discs was because I have just returned from China with a number of games and DVD's that can't play because of the different region.

    However I can't for the life of me get it to work!!

    If I load the Swap Magic 3.0 (CD version Europe build), I will come to a screen with 'Load Program' and 'Video Mode : Normal'. I will then swap discs with my Chinese PS2 game (using the flip-top lid) and select Load Program. The screen will then change to a sort of 'outer-space shot (red stars, black background), and a blue and red striped border. But nothing else will happen!

    If I load the Swap Magic (DVD version 2.0 EUR build), I will come to a screen with 'Insert Disc' and a 'shooting stars' background. I insert a disc with the flip-top lid and nothing happens until I press a button on my game pad. Then the screen stops (the stars stop shooting!) And later a pink border appears at the top and bottom of the screen. But nothing else will happen!

    I'm at a loss about what else to do! Have I got the wrong Swap Magic discs? Am I doing something wrong? Are the discs from China faulty?

    So if there is anyone out there who can help me it would be much appreciated!!

    Regards, Chris.

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    Default Re: PS2 Genius Required!!

    Download Cdloader. I'm not sure where I got it, but you can probably type it in a search engine like yahoo and it will give results. You have to first boot the magic swap cd first, then load Cdloader, then swap that with your import game.

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    Default Re: PS2 Genius Required!!

    you can get cdloader from but if that will not work there is nothing u can do prehaps try changing the reigons on th cd version?

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