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    I've recently heard about the HDLoader software that allows you to transfer your games to a Hard disk for faster loading times. I know you need to purchase a sony hard disk, a network adapter (to power the hard disk) - but do you actually need to be connected online. I have broadband on my PC but as I don't intend using my PS2 online, do I need to connect the PS2 network adapter to the broadband as well. Also I've heard that you can use any IDE hard disk up to 120MB instead of the Sony one (I'm considering a Maxtor - would this work OK?). Any advise would be appreciated.

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    I think you mean 120 GIG *drive.

    I saw nfo on a ps2 development site on what your looking for... i'll be blowed if i can remember the name at this time, I'll get back to you if someone doesnt beat me to it.

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