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Thread: Nintendo's Classic NES range comes to Europe

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    Default Nintendo's Classic NES range comes to Europe

    A new edition of the Game Boy Advance SP modelled after the NES console is set to launch in Europe on July 9th, alongside eight classic NES software titles which are being released at a budget price point for the system.

    Although the launch follows the arrival of the very successful Famicom Mini range in Japan (where the NES was known as the Famicom), the design of the GBA SP will be different - reflecting the completely different design of the NES hardware in Europe.

    Also somewhat different is the line-up of software on offer, although there is significant cross over. The eight titles which will arrive with the NES Classic range are Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Ice Climbers, Excitebike, Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man, Xevious and Bomberman - the first five being from Nintendo, followed by two from Namco and one from Hudson.

    Each of the games will cost 19.99 Euro at retail, which is a little more expensive than their 2000 Yen price tag in Japan, but not significantly enough so for us to huff and puff about Europe being ripped off once more. We're not sure what the UK pricing will be as yet, but around £14.99 seems likely.

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    Default Re: Nintendo's Classic NES range comes to Europe

    i th9ink the classic rang r good but if u buy multicart that means u get most of them on that for 30

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