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Thread: Sony reckons it'll do a PS4 (An analyst had his doubts.)

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    ps3 Sony reckons it'll do a PS4 (An analyst had his doubts.)

    Sony says it would be "rather short-sighted" to suggest there won't be a PlayStation 4, after Nomura analyst Yuta Sakurai did just that.

    Speaking to the Financial Times in the wake of Sony's decision to to promote Kaz Hirai, Sakurai said he thought SCE's future would be determined by the former US boss's relationship with worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison.

    But far more interesting were his thoughts on Sony's direction. "The appointment of Hirai could be the start of a shift from hardware to software," he suggested. "I cannot now imagine a PlayStation 4." (You think you've got it bad, Yuta - most of us in Europe cannot now imagine a PlayStation 3.)

    Inevitably, Sony has responded, with US spokesperson Dave Karraker telling GameSpot: "Following the launch of the PlayStation 3 just a few weeks ago, and witnessing the huge consumer demand for the product, I think it would be rather short-sighted for anyone to predict there might not be a next generation of PlayStation product."

    Indeed, Sony's never made any suggestion that it plans to stop with PS3 - Hirai himself having noted that a PS4 is in his plans, and Phil Harrison having speculated on whether it will use discs or an e-distribution model.

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    Meh, focus should be on providing enough unit for European

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    Yeah but idiot analysts saying things like "there wont be a PS4" and "Sony is shifting from hardware to software" are horrible, if not slanderous statements to make.

    People would have undoubtedly taken such at face value and might have even thought "no more PS3s..." etc.

    These analysts need keep their mouths closed, because it just reaks of bull$#@! when they don't.

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    Just increase the performance of your ps3 and BAM PS4. Its not the controller will be different.

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