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Thread: Pokemon episodes to appear on GBA Video

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    Default Pokemon episodes to appear on GBA Video

    Nintendo of America has announced that the company is throwing its weight behind Majesco's GBA Video playback technology in the most tangible way possible - by releasing episodes of the Pokemon TV series for the system.

    The GBA Video technology compresses videos into a format which can be played back on the Game Boy Advance, and the product is already backed by the Cartoon Network, which will be publishing episodes of some of its most popular shows in the GBA friendly format.

    Nintendo will be publishing episodes of the Pokemon TV series on GBA Video from June 21st, with the first two releases set to hold two episodes apiece and retailing at $19.99 - significantly cheaper than the normal cost of GBA games, and comparable with the price of DVDs.

    Other shows which will be appearing on the format include Spongebob Squarepants, Sonic X and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with the first releases set to arrive later this spring.

    "Even by the remarkable standards of product evolution that have characterized the Game Boy franchise, this is a landmark event," enthused Nintendo of America exec George Harrison. "Pokemon is part of the first step in revolutionizing the nature of portable video entertainment, with eventual reach targeting all demographics."

    His comments are bound to reopen speculation regarding the possible video playback functionality of the Nintendo DS console. Earlier this year, CNN/Money reported in its Game Over column that the forthcoming handheld would feature video playback features - a claim which seems even more likely now that Nintendo itself has backed video playback on the GBA. The company has previously expressed an interest in distributing non-game media on the GBA, with a pilot scheme for a similar technology already in existence in Japan.

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    Default Re: Pokemon episodes to appear on GBA Video

    I heard about that in nintendo magazine about 2 months back

    i do not know if i will import one or not

    the could be about in europe soon anyway if they are success in america

    it is all about the money i think

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    Default Re: Pokemon episodes to appear on GBA Video

    i do not know if these will make any money apart from little kids who stamp their feet at their mummy lots and lots and get it

    i think that most people are a bit bored of pokemon now
    because it has turned rubbish(or at least the episodes have)

    i am sure these will be going for a bit of money on ebay if they turn out to be a collectors item

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