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Thread: Harrison demos PS3 background downloading

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    ps3 Harrison demos PS3 background downloading

    Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison has shown off a few PS3 demos at the DICE Summit and hinted that we won't have to wait long before we're able to download content in the background like we can on Xbox 360.

    The absence of such a feature has been a bit of a sore point for US and Japanese early adopters. "Some of you will notice that we have background downloading now," Harrison pointed out during a demo of the SingStar "SingStore", according to Kotaku's transcript.

    Sony UK was not able to immediately clarify when a firmware update adding background downloading would be made available, but it follows that if Harrison's prepared to show it off in public then it must be due fairly soon. Perhaps even before next month's European launch.

    Harrison also responded to questions about other areas of Sony's online service, dismissing suggestions that Sony couldn't compete directly with Xbox 360 for features because its service is offered for free.

    "While it may be free to the consumer, we know there are revenue streams for us to earn in other ways. We have a number of things that we'll announce shortly that will add clarity to that statement," he explained.

    Oh, and Super Rub'a'Dub - a downloadable game based on Harrison's 3D ducks demo - is due on the PS3 Store "in a few weeks". It's fully tilt controlled, and has been previously confirmed as a downloadable launch title for the PS3 in Europe.

    via eurogamer

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    I hope the background downloading fix wont be till around lauch time though....I have a ps3 now and releasing it over the next few weeks migt be a good idea.

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