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Thread: FFXI and HDadvance, how to work together

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    Default FFXI and HDadvance, how to work together

    i bought the final fantasy 11 pack that came with a hard drive(40gb) and today i just recieved HDadvance and i dont wanna delete my final fantasy accout but i do wanna try out and use the HDadvance, is there a way to backup my final fantasy account and game info and use HDadvance, please help

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    unfortunately, no....we can thank sony for that one.....because the game is an online game, the only way to run it is from the original disc, or you can look into making a dvd-r backup of it (not gonna explain that here, you can google for that) but basically it is because there is something called DNAS on the disc...what it does is basically spins the disc and reads some information off of it before allowing the game to play online, if the disc is not detected (i.e. a harddrive) or improperly backed up, it wont allow you to even get online.

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