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Thread: Rumblaxis coming in September -- Tokyo Game Show

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    ps3 Rumblaxis coming in September -- Tokyo Game Show

    via PS3 Fanboy

    A lot of people were disappointed that Sony's little conference at E3 didn't talk about the upcoming Rumblaxis controller (it's pronounced Rum + Blaxis because that's really the coolest name we could think of), but PS3 Fanboy was not surprised. We've been informed that Immersion has filed for some patents and with it, indirectly filed for the release dates of their new Sony peripheral device that "will now bear Immersion's Feel The GameŽ TouchSenseŽ Technology logo." When are these peripherals to be released? September.

    If you're having trouble connecting the dots, the Tokyo Game Show is generally in September. Sony had to save some of its announcements so they could steal the show at TGS, much like we feel they did at E3. So, for those worried, the Rumblaxis is coming in September and you know what? We would expect the announcement at TGS to go something like "hey, we're releasing this Rumblaxis controller we're holding in our hands tomorrow at your favorite retailers. Enjoy!" We can't wait.

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    Hmmm i hope this is true. While i dont really miss the rumble feature, it would be nice to have it in some games.

    Finally the Ps3 seems to be coming alive.

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    yea i would like rumble too hahaha, rumblaxis just made my day, that is the funniest name for this controller

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