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Thread: My dreamcast+ KOS homemade games method

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    Default My dreamcast+ KOS homemade games method

    I am new in dreamcast programing.

    I spend last 2 days for compiling first program for dreamcast in Windows environment,
    Visiting forums and lots of webs.
    Forums are full of treads about step-by step and links for learning to compile C sources for Dreamcast.

    Let me put in one text what I learned last days:

    1-Download and install DC Dev ISO Release 1

    burn the ISO to CD and install following instructions step by step. Is very easy.

    2-run CYGWIN, and move (unix comands) to the dreamcast samples folder in KOS.

    3-you can compile any sample using the comand MAKE

    4-If all is OK, it will create an ELF archive.

    5-convert eLF to BIN using file checker

    6-Make a Bootable CD. I make CDI for burn in Diskjugger
    there are many tools to make bootable cd from IPBIN and 1st_read.bin.

    Look at

    7-Install daemontools v.3.29 (only this version)

    8-mount the CDI on daemontools

    9-Use chankast 025

    10-does it runs OK?, so you can burn in diskjugger and play on Dreamcast

    thanks to all the people writing and teaching about Dreamcast on the web.
    I hope I can help a little too.

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    another suggestion would be to use DreamEmu. Although not as fast as chankast, and not supporting commercial games, it is much better with homebrew games and is much more accurate so far.

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    you do not have to burn a cd

    load the file with chankast 0.25

    likt that

    Chankast_alpha_25.exe -nogui -file test.bin

    please note: chankast does not have specular highlights OR PVR DMA!!
    so it does not emulate specular highlights,fog,bumpmapping

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    JAVIER MARCO is always good see news talents for the world dreamcast ^_^ good work

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    hi! Thanks.
    But I have lots of work ahead on Dreamcast to call me a talent!

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