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  1. Lord of Rings War in North release date
  2. Making Graphics In Games '100,000 Times' Better?
  3. Windows XP Market Share Finally Falls Below 50%
  4. Steam blames Microsoft for annoying repeat DX installs
  5. EA: Retail 'still a strong partner'
  6. OpenTTD v1.1.2-RC2
  7. Ono on Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat
  8. Blizzard raises $2m for tsunami appeal with virtual pet
  9. WhiteHat Security hacks into Chrome OS, exposes extension vulnerability at Black Hat
  10. Indievania makes a comfy home for indie developers and their games
  11. Study: Positive correlation between piracy and game review scores
  12. Modern Warfare 3 interest 'unlike anything in Activision's history'
  13. The One Ring
  14. They Do Not Die v1.0 Ė Wii & Windows
  15. Gaikai: Almost all major publishers on board
  16. D2X-XL v1.15.251
  17. Free Heroes2 Engine 20110808
  18. OnLive crosses the pond, lands in the UK September 22nd
  19. GameFly to launch 'Unlimited PC Play' download service, offer less incentive to leave
  20. Sifteo announces price, date for Sifteo Cubes in US
  21. Google brings games to Google+
  22. PC Designer Says PC "Going the Way of the Vacuum Tube"
  23. Firefox 6 breaks out ahead of schedule, gets official August 16th
  24. UK teen arrested for illegal BBM, social media crackdown gains steam
  25. Chrome 14 Beta Integrates Native Client
  26. Installing Linux on a 386 laptop
  27. Linux Kernel 3.1 RC 2 Released
  28. Football Manager 2012 announced
  29. WPA/WPA2 Cracking With CPUs, GPUs, and the Cloud
  30. 'Some DRM is evil, Steam is not' argues Football Manager boss
  31. PC CHART: The Sims' reign unchallenged
  32. VCMI Project - Heroes 3: WoG recreated v0.85
  33. Lix (Lemmings++) WIP 2011-08-03
  34. Nuvie v0.2
  35. ODAMEX v0.5.4
  36. IE 9 Beats Other Browsers at Blocking Malicious Content
  37. World of Warcraft Finally Loses Subscribers
  38. Dev says fans will want COD Elite premium
  39. Notch challenges Bethesda to Quake 3
  40. Blizzard rules out StarCraft MMO
  41. CryEngine 3 SDK available now for free
  42. Age of Empires Online Season Pass offers all and future available content for one pri
  43. Microsoft patent application points to fast-booting streaming OS
  44. Euro virtual goods market to triple to £1.9bn by 2014
  45. Newell: "We want EA's games on Steam"
  46. EA will limit Star Wars: Old Republic digital/retail sales at launch
  47. Newell: Dota 2 won't ship until 2012
  48. 5 million sign up for new Facebook spin off The Sims Social
  49. Microsoft building App Store for Windows 8
  50. Windows 8 To Fight Piracy With the Cloud
  51. Firefox 7.0 Beta Released
  52. Virgin Gaming increases prize fund to £2.6m
  53. PC CHART: Sims games dominate again
  54. Installing Linux on old PCís Part 2
  55. Microsoft beats Zynga at Starcraft II
  56. EA continues war of words with Activision
  57. Razer teaser reminds us that 'PC gaming is not dead,' neither are viral videos
  58. World Cyber Games sponsored by Samsung
  59. More Than $120,000 in Prizes and Player Stipends Up for Grabs at MLG Pro Circuit at t
  60. EVE is Real contest voting open
  61. 105,000 downloads for Crytek SDK
  62. Estimated Transfer Time Is No More In Windows 8
  63. OnLive gets cross-game group chat
  64. Razer Announces Dedicated Gaming Laptop
  65. Microsoft gesture patents reveal possible dual-screen tablet focus
  66. EA revises Origin EULA; data collection is still in, collection for marketing is out
  67. GameStop Offers $50 Certificate For Coupon Fiasco
  68. OpenTTD v1.1.2
  69. Lix (Lemmings++) WIP 2011-08-22
  70. The Zod Engine 2011-08-21
  71. StepMania 5 Preview 3
  72. Google Is Grooming Chrome As a Game Platform
  73. New Worm Morto Using RDP To Infect Windows PCs
  74. The Zod Engine 2011-08-28
  75. GScreen's Spacebook begins shipping this November, doubles your laptop editing fun
  76. PC CHART: Deus Ex rules as Portal 2 climbs
  77. Minecraft "incompatible" with Steam terms of service
  78. Microsoft details Windows 8 Explorer tweaks, adds ribbon UI
  79. Super Mario Bros. Portal is totally a thing that is happening
  80. Doom64 EX v2.0
  81. GameSpot to host OnLive game demos
  82. Windows 8 To Natively Support ISO and VHD Mounting
  83. HP to make more TouchPads
  84. Star Trek Online going free to play
  85. Microsoft confirms Media Center will be in Windows 8
  86. Activision prices Call Of Duty Elite
  87. Sony Tablet S now available for pre-order, shipping September 16th
  88. PC CHART: Deus Ex: Human Revolution unfazed by The Sims
  89. Cloud Gaming Service OnLive Unofficially On Linux
  90. Opera promises cross-platform apps for Smart TVs, gives us little to complain about
  91. CoD: Elite 'breaks bad assumptions' about online shooter communities
  92. Windows 8 will deliver Hyper-V virtualization tech to all, power users rejoice
  93. Windows 8 To Feature 'Fast Startup Mode'
  94. Deus Ex passes two million units shipped
  95. EA's Syndicate remake leaks
  96. VCMI Project - Heroes 3: WoG recreated v0.86
  97. Gut-Check Time For Windows 8, Microsoft
  98. Release date for Football Manager 2012
  99. PC CHART: Space Marine makes No.1
  100. Windows 8 details: new features, UI enhancements and everything in between
  101. Windows 8 Store to sell both Metro-style apps and conventional Win32 programs
  102. Windows 8 can run on an Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM
  103. Now FIFA takes aim at Football Manager
  104. Steve Ballmer touts 500,000 Windows 8 downloads in less than 12 hours
  105. Windows 8 BSoD ditches confusing error codes for uninformative frowny face
  106. Tablets up, games down in Best Buy Q2 results
  107. MSDN previews Windows 8 touch on Windows 7 hardware
  108. Windows 8 Won't Support Plug-Ins; the End of Flash?
  109. PC gaming subscription revenue fell in 2010
  110. Microsoft: No Windows 8 ARM Support For x86 Apps
  111. Gaikai targets 100 million users by 2012
  112. EA: We've redefined social games with The Sims
  113. Knights of Old Republic £3.50 on Steam
  114. Microsoft shows off Xbox Live on Windows 8
  115. British Schoolkids To Be Taught Computer Coding
  116. Phantasy Star Online 2 preview: Back, in action
  117. Star Wars: The Old Republic can hit 2m subs - Smedley
  118. DC Universe Online goes free-to-play
  119. Perry wants bespoke Gaikai controller
  120. PC CHART: Space Marine stays No.1
  121. Microsoft locks Metro-style apps to Windows Store
  122. The Sims Social passes 50 million MAUs
  123. Microsoft to offer discounted hardware, software to students from low-income families
  124. Zynga to add Indiana Jones to Adventure World
  125. Gearbox wants your Duke Nukem feedback
  126. Warner delays Batman Arkham City on PC
  127. Star Wars: Old Republic 'the last big subs-based MMO'
  128. Rumor: Dota 2 client leaked, contains 'ep3' code
  129. Diablo 3 closed beta goes live
  130. Adobe's launching Flash Player 11, Air 3 bringing HD video and 3D gaming to all
  131. How Microsoft Can Lock Linux Off Windows 8 PCs
  132. OnLive's cloud rolls across the pond, UK gamers now welcome
  133. Windows 8 ditches '80s BIOS boot for streamline UEFI
  134. Demystifying UEFI, the Overdue BIOS Replacement
  135. Valve enlists modders for new Counter-Strike
  136. Out There: Minecraft is the hardest game
  137. OnLive: "This is the next console"
  138. OnLive launches in the UK
  139. Get OnLive console and Saints Row 3 for £24.49
  140. OPINION: The OnLive Revolution?
  141. GAME becomes first retailer to back OnLive
  142. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes lines up on Steam
  143. Zuckerberg: "Social games are killing it"
  144. Nvidia: PC revenue will surpass console in 2014
  145. Microsoft Responds To Linux Concerns Over Windows 8 and UEFI Secure Boot
  146. HTML5 Game Maker released
  147. Diablo III delayed
  148. Windows 8 Introduces a New Cross-App Data-Sharing System
  149. Star Wars: The Old Republic launching Dec. 20, starts at $15 per month
  150. Diablo III - now landing in 'early' 2012
  151. BioWare: Old Republic could be 'biggest online launch ever'
  152. End of Nations to end nations in 2012
  153. OpenTTD v1.1.3
  154. League of Legends: Dominion ready for summoning
  155. PC CHART: F1 2011 proves popular on PC
  156. Firefox 7 now officially available, promises 'significantly' reduced memory usage
  157. Epic Games: Next Unreal Engine in 2014
  158. Square Enix CEO: Final Fantasy "has been greatly damaged"
  159. Journey slips to 2012
  160. Gordon Freeman playable in Renegade Ops PC
  161. ITV runs Arma II footage, says it is real IRA shooting
  162. L.A. Noire Complete Edition coming to OnLive
  163. Football Manager 2012 requires Steam activation
  164. Disney Appmates merge toys and gaming on iPad
  165. One million sign up for Drakensang Online
  166. Publishers see OnLive as second only to Steam
  167. Chrome Set To Take No. 2 Spot From Firefox
  168. Early access to Old Republic outlined
  169. Duke Nukem 3D fan project on hold
  170. Syndicate reboot due next February
  171. Surprise Psychonauts update announced
  172. Microsoft Security Products Flag Google Chrome As a Virus
  173. Games at risk as HTTPS becomes Facebook standard
  174. Side-scrolling Team Fortress 2 demake released
  175. Mozilla Develops Gladius 3D Game Engine
  176. A Game of Thrones RTS Game Released, RPG On the Way
  177. Phantasy Star Online 2 delayed into 2012
  178. Crimson: Steam Pirates was made in 12 weeks
  179. Piracy "ruining" PC, "forcing" it online
  180. Facebook Files For a Patent To Track Its Users On Other Sites
  181. Why Linux Is Good For Low-End Smartphones
  182. DICE threatens bans to players on modded Battlefield 3 servers
  183. Zynga targets 'die-hard gamers' with Mafia Wars 2
  184. ANALYSIS: (On)Live and Kicking
  185. Free Portal 2 DLC coming this week
  186. PC CHART: A Game of Thrones: Genesis shifts FM 2011
  187. Microsoft Killed the Start Menu Because No One Uses It
  188. id Software Releases RAGE
  189. Unreal Development Kit passes a million installs
  190. Game Of Thrones RPG out in 2012
  191. How Windows Gets Infected With Malware
  192. Unreal Engine 3 Running In Flash
  193. No More Heroes for Mobage is a 'social assassination battle' game
  194. More SWTOR 'Beta Test Weekend' invites sent out
  195. Battlefield 3 could still come to Steam - Report
  196. Duke Nukem Forever DLC dated
  197. Xfire: $4 million in funding and new exec team
  198. Team Fortress 2 Running In a Web Browser Using WebGL
  199. Minecraft appears to be getting dragons
  200. DICE adds new map to PC Battlefield 3 beta
  201. Windows 8 To Reduce Memory Footprint
  202. Battlefield 3 close to Steam truce?
  203. OnLive is putting six new indie games online this fall
  204. PCF admits Bulletstorm was too sweary
  205. PES 2012 free DLC detailed
  206. Prepare ship for ludicrous testing speed!
  207. Doom64 EX v2.1
  208. DRM is here to stay
  209. Carmack: "We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games"
  210. Mass Effect 3 multiplayer confirmed
  211. World of Tanks hits retail November 11th
  212. Facebook gaming on the decline?
  213. Carmack: Rage launch was a "cluster [email protected]#$'
  214. Sonic Generations confirmed for PC
  215. Cloud Driving Microsoft To Open Source?
  216. PC CHART: Rage conquers all
  217. Microsoft Says IE9 Blocks More Malware Than Chrome
  218. Windows 7 overtakes XP globally, Vista found weeping in a corner
  219. No Tab Relocation Coming For Chrome
  220. More than eight million users played Battlefield 3 beta
  221. Facebook changes reporting, game user figures plummet
  222. The Sims 3: Pets
  223. New XIII game confirmed
  224. Batman: Arkham City swoops to PC on November 18
  225. Beefing up your laptopís gaming chops with an external GPU
  226. Neowiz Games' first MMORPG to use Unreal Engine
  227. 30 million people play Angry Birds every day
  228. Duke Nukem TV ad banned
  229. Lord of the Rings Online suffers forum hack
  230. IGF Pirate Kart collects 300 indie games
  231. Torchlight 2 still scheduled for late 2011 (barring death or illness)
  232. Free Realms claims 20m registered users
  233. New Turtle Rock FPS uses CryEngine
  234. Blizzard Announces New WoW Expansion: Mists of Pandaria
  235. Early Speed Tests For Windows 8
  236. Bethesda dismisses Doom 4 rumours
  237. Gaikai-powered FIFA 12 demo now available on YouTube
  238. StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, Blizzard DOTA teasers evoke some emotion
  239. Jumentum Introduces a Single-Chip Linux System
  240. Blizzard DOTA free but "there will be costs
  241. New StarCraft 2 units reveale
  242. WOW's Pokemon-style pet battles
  243. StepMania v5.0 Preview 4
  244. Linux 3.1 Released With Support for the OpenRISC CPU
  245. Newell: Team Fortress 2 sees 20 per cent free to paid conversion
  246. WoW gets Annual Pass, Diablo III free to subscribers
  247. Jagex urges caution in rush to free-to-play
  248. EA: "there is scope" to remake Syndicate
  249. Grand Theft Auto V - the chilling truth
  250. Diablo 3 being polished up, no release date yet