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  1. Lenovo's Windows 10 devices will get unique Cortana features
  2. Microsoft's new Windows Store policy will combat junk apps
  3. Microsoft will be bringing Xbox-exclusive games to the PC - including Halo 5
  4. Windows will make it easier to remote-control Linux PCs
  5. Dell unveils a range of affordable PCs ahead of Windows 10
  6. AMD's latest chips bring gaming and video chops to mainstream laptops
  7. Intel beefs up fifth-gen Core chips with Iris graphics
  8. 'World's smallest' USB 3.0 flash drive is about the size of a dime
  9. Windows 10 launches on July 29th, here's how to get in line
  10. Opinion divided over new Steam 14-day refunds
  11. Steam top ten sellers: May 24-30
  12. Over 35 per cent of Steam hardware pre-orders have been sold
  13. Upcoming Xbox One controller adapter for PC will work exclusively with Windows 10
  14. Steam top ten sellers: May 31 - June 6
  15. Internet Explorer 11 Gains HTTP Strict Transport Security In Windows 7 and 8.1
  16. Toshiba's Windows 10 laptops all have a built-in Cortana key
  17. Xbox 360 game-streaming is coming to Windows 10
  18. Microsoft is also partnering with Valve for VR on Windows 10
  19. Google kills Chrome's unpopular new bookmark manager
  20. Steam top ten sellers: June 7-13
  21. AMD Reveals Radeon R9 Fury X Specs and Preliminary Benchmark Performance Results
  22. Counter Insurgent: Microsoft is taking a gamble with Windows 10
  23. Microsoft sends mixed signals about free Windows 10 upgrades
  24. 32,000 - that's how many units the average Steam game sells
  25. Windows 10 will be available for free to Windows Insiders
  26. The Unintended Consequences of Free Windows 10 For Everyone
  27. D2X-XL v1.18.48
  28. Samsung PCs will unblock Windows Update 'in a few days'
  29. Steam top ten sellers: June 14-20
  30. Will Microsoft makes its billion Windows 10 device goal by 2018?
  31. Steam top nine sellers: June 21-27
  32. New Leaked Build Is Evidence That Windows 10 Will Be Ready By July 29
  33. You might not get the Windows 10 upgrade on launch day
  34. Steam hardware early release stock sold out
  35. Microsoft launches cheaper Surface 3 LTE edition
  36. Firefox 39 Released, Bringing Security Improvements and Social Sharing
  37. Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi Password With Contacts
  38. People Are Obtaining Windows 7 Licenses For the Free Windows 10 Upgrade
  39. Samsung brings 2TB solid-state drives to your home PC
  40. LG's new touchscreens will make your next laptop thinner and lighter
  41. Why are some devices unable to upgrade to Windows 10 at launch?
  42. First Windows 10 RTM Candidate Appears
  43. Linux 4.2-rc1 Is One of the Largest Kernel Releases of Recent Times
  44. Windows 10 preview turns Xbox Music into 'Groove'
  45. Steam top ten: June 28 - July 4
  46. The desktop PC - there's life in the old dog yet
  47. One month to go... trade gears up for Windows 10 launch
  48. Are Steam Machines launching too late, or will they be a hit?
  49. Microsoft is turning Windows 10's launch into a global upgrade party
  50. Steam top ten sellers: July 5-11
  51. For Microsoft, Windows 10 Charity Begins At Home
  52. Microsoft Temporarily Suspends Availability of Windows 10 Builds
  53. Microsoft bets on Facebook for Windows 10 apps
  54. Future Microsoft Devices Will Take Cues From the Surface Tablet
  55. Critical Internet Explorer 11 Vulnerability Identified After Hacking Team Breach
  56. Physical release of Shenmue 3 is not guaranteed
  57. Windows 10 Home Updates To Be Automatic and Mandatory
  58. Windows gets an emergency security fix across most versions
  59. Cortana in Windows 10 is coming to 6 more countries
  60. Microsoft's first Windows 10 ad is all about smiling babies
  61. AMD reveals budget desktop A-Series processors
  62. Windows 10 to be sold on USB drives as Microsoft unveils baby ads
  63. Windows 10 Will Have Screen Recording Tool
  64. Google Drive syncs files directly from Windows Office apps
  65. Windows gets an emergency security fix across most versions (update: Hacking Team lin
  66. Microsoft working on Surface Pro 4?
  67. What you need to know about upgrading to Windows 10
  68. Steam revenues hit $1.5bn in 2014, report claims
  69. Are you prepared to download Windows 10?
  70. Firefox wants your feedback on upcoming browser features
  71. With Windows 10, Microsoft corrects the problems it created
  72. Acer unveils new Aspire all-in-one, updates gaming line with Predator 8 tablet
  73. Windows 10 Has a Feature That Makes Me Very Uncomfortable
  74. A look back at Windows through the ages
  75. Mozilla is unhappy with Microsoft over Windows 10 changes
  76. Windows 10 is up to 14 million installs already
  77. A closer look at the Edge browser in Windows 10
  78. Living with Cortana, Windows 10's thoughtful, flaky assistant
  79. Call Windows' Cortana assistant with this Bluetooth button
  80. A look back at Windows through the ages
  81. Steam top ten sellers: July 26 - August 1
  82. Windows 10 has nearly overtaken OSX among Steam users
  83. Intel's pro-level Xeon processors are coming to laptops
  84. Microsoft has iOS devs building the 'bridge' for Windows 10 apps
  85. Firefox has a new security hole, but you can already patch it
  86. Microsoft's 84-inch Surface Hub won't ship until 2016
  87. Sony wants you to delay upgrading your old VAIO PC to Windows 10
  88. Lenovo PCs installed custom software even if you wiped them
  89. The PS Vita of Steam Machines arrives in 2016 for $299
  90. Firefox version 40 set to roll with new Windows 10 features
  91. Lenovo's latest pro laptops pack 4K and Xeon processors
  92. Microsoft built a robotic air hockey table to show off Windows 10
  93. Steam top ten sellers: August 2-8
  94. How to safely upgrade to Windows 10
  95. Broken Windows 10 Update Causes Reboot Loops For Some Users
  96. Microsoft Releases Windows 10 IoT Core For Small, Embedded Devices
  97. AMD's R9 Fury X is a beast, but 4K gaming is still a waste
  98. Samsung shows off a 2.5-inch hard drive with 16TB of storage
  99. The world's largest SSD has been unveiled, along with a hefty price tag
  100. How Microsoft Built, and Is Still Building, Windows 10
  101. Microsoft shows off first Windows preview since release
  102. VAIO returns: coming to a Microsoft Store near you this October
  103. Microsoft patches up IE flaw that gives hackers access to your PC
  104. Windows 10 won't run old games with dodgy copy protection
  105. Microsoft working on an app that reads the news to you
  106. Here's what our readers think of Windows 10
  107. Windows 10 can automatically disable pirated software
  108. Steam top ten sellers: August 9-15
  109. NVIDIA is testing online game sharing for GeForce Experience
  110. 4GB of RAM is still plenty for gaming PCs, apparently
  111. Tablet sales are finally starting to stabilise in Europe
  112. Firefox Will Run Chrome Extensions
  113. Could the Best Windows 10 Laptop Be a Mac?
  114. Windows Memory Manager To Introduce Compression
  115. AMD Still Struggling With Linux Gaming
  116. Augmented reality sandbox using a kinect
  117. Windows 95 Turns 20
  118. The Pijamma project
  119. Torrent tracker bans Windows 10 over 'terrible privacy policy'
  120. Windows 10's face detection isn't easily fooled by twins
  121. Steam top ten sellers: August 16-22
  122. Nvidia launches budget GTX 950 as global GPU shipments fall
  123. Microsoft's prototype keyboard cover has an e-ink touchscreen
  124. Windows 10 is on 75 million PCs after only one month
  125. Microsoft Snip annotates screenshots with voice notes and scribbles
  126. LG made a solid, roll-up keyboard for your tablet or giant smartphone
  127. PC sales 'won't stabilise' until 2017
  128. AMD Unveils Radeon R9 Nano, Targets Mini ITX Gaming Systems With a New Fury
  129. How To Keep Microsoft's Nose Out of Your Personal Data In Windows 10
  130. Chrome will block obnoxious Flash ads starting September 1st
  131. AMD unveils smallest graphics card yet
  132. Microsoft Builds Open-Source Browser Using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  133. ASUS unveils the Intel-powered, Windows 10 VivoStick
  134. Toshiba unveils a 12-inch convertible laptop with a 4K display
  135. Intel's 'Skylake' CPU family includes an unlocked laptop chip
  136. Cortana for Windows 10 arrives in four more countries
  137. We are on the verge of PC gaming's second golden age
  138. Could Surface 4 be the device that swings consumers from Apple and the iPad to Micros
  139. Chrome 45 Launches, Automatically Pauses Less Important Flash Content, Like Ads
  140. Microsoft's Telemetry Additions To Windows 7 and 8 Raise Privacy Concerns
  141. Windows 10 Grabs 5.21% Market Share, Passing Windows Vista and Windows 8
  142. The Long Reach of Windows 95
  143. Facebook-owned WhatsApp reaches 900 million monthly active users
  144. Chrome's next update makes it less resource hungry
  145. Microsoft unveils new Windows 10 devices on October 6th
  146. The second 'StarCraft II' expansion arrives November 10th
  147. Microsoft puts Windows 10 installer on PCs even if you don't ask for it
  148. Steam top ten: September 6-12
  149. Linux 4.3 Bringing Stable Intel Skylake Support, Reworked NVIDIA Driver
  150. Microsoft brings the Windows 10 Start Menu to Surface RT
  151. Will Steam Machines be a success?
  152. Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 free on Origin
  153. Microsoft Backports Start Menu To Windows RT
  154. Toshiba's retooled Chromebook 2 arrives in October, starts at $330
  155. Samsung launches its fastest mainstream SSD yet
  156. Firefox's latest browser has built-in instant messaging
  157. Nvidia's full-size GTX 980 graphics card is coming to laptops
  158. Steam top ten sellers: September 20-26
  159. How has Windows changed over the past 30 years?
  160. Windows 10's Cortana taps into LinkedIn to cure your meeting anxiety
  161. GeForce Now puts PC games on your NVIDIA device for $8 per month
  162. Microsoft promises that Windows 10 doesn't violate your privacy
  163. Steam top ten sellers: September 27 - October 3
  164. Designing Surface Pro 4: a chat with a Microsoft hardware lead
  165. Windows 10 didn't stop PC sales from dropping this summer
  166. Firefox will stop supporting web plugins (except for Flash) by the end of 2016
  167. Open-Source Doom 3 Advances With EAX Audio, 64-bit ARM/x86 Support
  168. Microsoft's Mission To Reignite the PC Sector
  169. Linus: '2016 Will Be the Year of the ARM Laptop'
  170. Extensions for Microsoft's Edge browser aren't coming until 2016
  171. Microsoft adds a cheaper Surface Book option with NVIDIA graphics
  172. Chrome Canary shows how secure your web browsing really is
  173. Steam top ten: October 11-17
  174. Cheaper Surface Book and Windows 10 'Fall Update' revealed
  175. Everything you need to know about Microsoft's Surface Enterprise Initiative
  176. Ubuntu 15.10 'Wily Werewolf' Released
  177. The Surface Mini is a real tablet that you can't buy
  178. You might not have to update next-gen antivirus software
  179. Now you can create Windows 10 apps without writing a line of code
  180. We could be seeing EA games on Nintendo's NX
  181. ASUS unveils world's first water-cooled gaming laptop
  182. Linux 4.3 Released As Stable; Improves On Open-Source Graphics, SMP Performance
  183. PC makers' tech support asks customers to avoid Windows 10
  184. Firefox brings its tracking-resistant private browsing to everyone
  185. Microsoft gives retailers another year to sell Windows 7 PCs
  186. Steam top ten sellers: October 25-31
  187. Dongle 'fixes' your PC's security by killing your USB port
  188. Lawsuit claims AMD lied about the number of cores in its chips
  189. Steam users migrating to Windows 10
  190. Why are vendors telling users to uninstall Windows 10?
  191. Intel Skylake-U For Laptops Posts Solid Gains In Testing, Especially Graphics
  192. Steam Has Brought 1,600 Games To Linux In the Past Three Years
  193. Apple's Tim Cook calls Microsoft's Surface Book 'deluded'
  194. NVIDIA's 'mobile supercomputer' can make machines smarter
  195. Chrome will stop supporting XP, Vista and early OS X in April 2016
  196. We hate Valve's Steam Controller because it's different
  197. Blizzard aims to restore Starcraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II for modern PCs
  198. So, how much do Steam Machines cost in the UK?
  199. Steam Machines are slower gaming systems than Windows PCs
  200. Steam Controller gives disabled player one-handed 'Skyrim' controls
  201. Windows 10 focuses on Cortana and Edge in first big update
  202. Intel Flagship Core I7-6950X Broadwell-E To Offer 10-Cores, 20-Threads, 25MB L3
  203. Microsoft Rolls Out Major Fall Update To Windows 10
  204. Windows 3.1 Glitch Causes Problems At French Airport -- Wait, 3.1?
  205. Facebook has a cure for your broken heart: more Facebook
  206. The world's fastest consumer CPU probably isn't worth the upgrade
  207. Steam top ten sellers: November 15-21
  208. Microsoft Pulls Windows 10 November Update (1511) ISOs
  209. Happy 30th Birthday, Windows!
  210. Steam Controller's new trick is designed for strategy games
  211. Steam Controller adds new feature to improve RPG, strategy play
  212. AMD ends support for almost all graphics cards released before 2013
  213. Windows 10 update accused of uninstalling programs without permission
  214. Steam top ten sellers: November 22-28
  215. GAME begins selling PC hardware in stores
  216. Steam adds option to permanently remove games
  217. Windows 10 on a tiny board
  218. Microsoft Will Resume Pushing Windows 10 To Machines With Win7, 8.1
  219. Microsoft To Open Source Chakra, the JavaScript Engine In Its Edge Browser
  220. Linux Mint 17.3 Officially Released
  221. Firefox is finally 64-bit on your Windows PC
  222. Microsoft owns up to issues with the Surface Book and Pro 4
  223. Steam top ten sellers: December 6-12
  224. Xbox One Wireless Adapter no longer limited to Windows 10
  225. The State of PC Gaming in 2015
  226. Universal Remote Desktop Coming To Windows 10 Soon
  227. Pirates are finding it harder to crack new PC games
  228. 'Get Windows 10' Turns Itself On and Nags Win 7 and 8.1 Users Twice a Day
  229. 200m installs and counting for Windows 10
  230. Steam games made over $3.5bn in 2015 - report
  231. internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 Reach End-of-Life Next Week
  232. Microsoft Monitoring How Long You Use Windows 10
  233. Intel Skylake Bug Causes PCs To Freeze During Complex Workloads
  234. EA launches Origin Access for PC
  235. Microsoft won't support old Windows versions on new processors
  236. Microsoft: Only the Latest Version of Windows Will Support New CPU Generations
  237. Microsoft Ends Support For Internet Explorer 8-10 and Windows 8
  238. Is your PC really VR-ready?
  239. Samsung is building chips for next-gen gaming graphics
  240. Xbox reveals Minecraft: Education Edition
  241. MAME 0.181 - Multi Arcade Machine Emulator for PC
  242. Jnes 1.2 released - Nes Emulator for Windows
  243. Mesen 0.7.0 Released - Nes Emulator for Windows
  244. Wine v2.1 Released
  245. RomVault v2.6.1
  246. Romulus v0.033 - Rom Manager Tool
  247. Mednafen v0.9.41
  248. RetroArch 1.4.1 - Multi system emulator for Windows/Wii/GC/PS3/ XBOX/XBOX360/Android
  249. MAME 0.182 - Multiple arcade machine emulator for Windows
  250. ScummVM adds New SCI Games