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Thread: Law56kers Nxdoom Collection-over 220 mods!

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    Default Law56kers Nxdoom Collection-over 220 mods!

    Title: Law56kers NXdoom Collection
    Author: The doom community who created all content. BlackAura who created NXDOOM for the Dreamcast. XDelusion for his contributions to NXDOOM.

    Description: This is a collection of best Total Coversions, Megawads, and Various levels for use on NXDOOM for the Sega Dreamcast. I spent the last several weeks, researching and collecting the best quality mods, megawads, levels for Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom. It was a lot of work collecting and testing all of these mods, but the true work went to the people who made them and those who made it possible to play Doom on dreamcast.

    Help, Download, and Discussion Topic:


    The retail wads from Doom 2 "doom2.wad" version 1.9, and Ultimate doom "doomu.wad" are required. Disc 1, only requries doom2.wad. Disc 2, requires doomu.wad and doom2.wad. They are not included so you must acquire them on your own.

    Doom2.wad (version 1.9) is 14,604,584 bytes

    Get Updates Here


    DISC 1: Doom Collection Disc 1 requires "doom2.wad" version 1.9 from Doom 2. Please place "doom2.wad" into the doom folder. Use Bootdreams 1.0.6c or an alternative program to burn. Do not add any more files other than "doom2.wad" otherwise the collection will not fit on a standard cdr.

    Newest Bootdreams included in download. For more information go to.
    Boot Dreams:

    DISC 2: Doom Collection Disc 2 requires doom2.wad" version 1.9 from Doom 2. It also requires "doomu.wad" from Ultimate Doom. Place "doom2.wad" and "doomu.wad" into the doom folder. Use Bootdreams 1.0.6c or an alternative program to burn.

    ADDING CUSTOM MUSIC: The default modlist.txt, located in the doom directory contains entrys to play the sountracks from Doom, Doom 2 and the Plutonia and TNT addons.

    NXDOOM uses xm files to play music. To add music to a mod you must add a entry to the mod's launch line in the "modlist.txt"

    You must add one of the following entry lines to the individual mod you want music in. Place the music entry only before the "-savename" entry.

    Works With "doomu.wad" Ultimate Doom Mods
    Doom 1 Soundtrack: Add "doom1_xm.wad"

    Works with "doom2.wad" Doom 2 Mods
    Doom 2 Soundtrack: Add "doom2_xm.wad"
    Plutonia Original Music: Add "plut_xm.wad"
    TNT original music Add "tnt_xm.wad"

    Example: Plutonia music to Aliens TC
    Before: Aliens TC,doom2.wad,-file atc2wad.wad atc2.deh -savename atc,AliensTC
    After" Aliens TC,doom2.wad,-file atc2wad.wad atc2.deh plut_xm.wad -savename atc,AliensTC

    Help and other cool dreamcast stuff please visit:

    General Dreamcast Sites: Vist the forums for help

    NXDOOM files and information:
    XDelusions Nxdoom Website:

    BootDreams -For Burning Dreamcast Discs.

    Official Doom FAQ

    Thanks: I'd like to thank all those who have contributed to the Dreamcast scene. Please keep the Dreamcast scene alive! Also, a special thanks to all Mid-core gamers.
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    Video Of one of the Wolfendoom mods

    Disc 1 Contents:

    Aliens TC,doom2.wad,-file atc2wad.wad atc2.deh doom2_xm.wad -savename Aliens TC,Aliens TC
    Alien Vendeta,doom2.wad,-file AV.WAD AV.DEH doom2_xm.wad -savename Vendeta,Vendeta
    Area 51,doom2.wad,-file Area51.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Area 51,Area 51
    Army of Darkness,doom2.wad,-file aoddoom2.wad aoddoom2.deh plut_xm.wad -savename ArmyOfdark,Army of Darkness
    Batman,doom2.wad,-file batman.wad batman.deh tnt_xm.wad -savename Batman,Batman
    Biowar,doom2.wad,-file biowar.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Biowar,Biowar
    Blood Rust,doom2.wad,-file bloodrust.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Blood Rust,Blood Rust
    Courtyard Escape,doom2.wad,-file gothictx.wad courtesc.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename CourtEscape,Courtyard Escape
    Dimensions of Time,doom2.wad,-file dot.wad dot.deh tnt_xm.wad -savename DimesionTime, Dimensions of Time
    Doom2 Extreme,doom2.wad,-file d2xtreme.wad d2x-treme.deh doom2_xm.wad -savename D2extreme,Doom 2 Extreme
    Doom2 Extreme Gold,doom2.wad,-file d2xgold.wad d2xgold.deh plut_xm.wad -savename D2xtremegold,Doom2 Extreme Gold
    Doom 64 Graphics Mod,doom2.wad,-file doom64graphics.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Doom64,Doom 64 Graphics
    Dantes Gate,doom2.wad,-file DANTE25.WAD doom2_xm.wad -warp 2 -savename Dantesgate,Dantes Gate
    Darkening,doom2.wad,-file darken.wad dark.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Darkening,Darkening
    Darkening 2,doom2.wad,-file Darken2.wad plut_xm.wad -savename darkening2,Darkening2
    Dystopia3: Re-Birth of Anarchy,doom2.wad,-file dyst3lev.wad dyst3tex.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Dystopia3,Dystopia 3
    Duke Nukem GP,doom2.wad,-file DUKEGP.WAD plut_xm.wad -savename Dukenukem,Dukenukem
    Earth,doom2.wad,-file earth.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Earth, Earth
    Escape,doom2.wad,-file EFP.WAD plut_xm.wad -savename Escape,Escape
    Escape2,doom2.wad,-file EFD.WAD doom2_xm.wad -savename Escape2,Escape2
    Escape3,doom2.wad,-file EFN.WAD plut_xm.wad -savename Escape3,Escape3
    Eternal,doom2.wad,-file ETERNALL.WAD plut_xm.wad -savename Eternal,Eternal
    Fistful of Dollars Western,doom2.wad,-file FISTFUL.WAD FISTFIX.WAD tnt_xm.wad -savename Fistful,Fistful
    Fragport,doom2.wad,-file fragport.wad fragport.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Fragport,Fragport
    Goldeneye,doom2.wad,-file GOLD64.WAD Ge64lev.wad gold64.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Goldeneye,Goldeneye
    Hacx,doom2.wad,-file HACX.WAD HACX.DEH -savename Hacx,Hacx
    Half-Life,doom2.wad,-file halflife.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Halflife,Half Life
    Half-Life Revenge,doom2.wad,-file halflife.wad hl.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename HalfLifeRevg,Half-Life Revenge
    Hell Revealed,doom2.wad,-file HR.WAD HRMUS.WAD tnt_xm.wad -savename HellRevealed,HellRevealed
    Hell Revealed 2,doom2.wad,-file hr2final.wad HRMUS.WAD plut_xm.wad -savenameHellReveald2,HellReveald2
    Heretic,doom2.wad,-file HERETIC.WAD tnt_xm.wad -savename Heretic,Heretic
    HexenHeretic,doom2.wad,-file Hexenher.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename HexenHeretic,HexenHeretic
    Hotel Hell,doom2.wad,-file Hotelhel.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Hotelhell,Hotel hell
    Icarus,doom2.wad,-file ICARUS.WAD plut_xm.wad -savename Icarus,Icarus
    Invasion 2,doom2.wad,-file invasio2.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Invasion 2,Invasion 2
    Jives 18th Compilation,doom2.wad,-file jiv18th.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Jives18th,Jives 18th Compilation
    Kmega1,doom2.wad,-file kmega1.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Kmega1,Kmega1
    Last Day on Earth,doom2.wad,-file lastep1.wad last.deh plut_xm.wad -savename LastonEarth,Last Day on Earth
    Legions of Hell 2,doom2.wad,-file loh2.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename LegionsHell,Legions of Hell
    Loony Tunes,doom2.wad,-file ltwad.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Loony Tunes,Loony Tunes
    Mars War,doom2.wad,-file marswar.wad plut_xm.wad -savname Mars War,Mars war
    Memento Mori,doom2.wad,-file MM.WAD MMUS.WAD doom2_xm.wad -savename Memento,Memento
    Memento Mori 2,doom2.wad,-file MM2.WAD MM2MUS.WAD tnt_xm.wad -savename Memento 2,Memento 2
    Mordeth,doom2.wad,-file MORDETH.WAD MORDETH.DEH doom2_xm.wad -savename Mordeth,Mordeth
    Nilla,doom2.wad,-file nilla.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Nilla,Nilla
    Nuts 10617 monsters at once ,doom2.wad,-file nuts.wad suprwep8.deh doom2_xm.wad -savename Nuts,Nuts 10617 Monsters
    Obituary,doom2.wad,-file OBTIC1.WAD OBTIC1.DEH plut_xm.wad -savename Obituary,Obituary
    Orisis,doom2.wad,-file OSIRIS.WAD OSRIS.DEH doom2_xm.wad -savename Orsis,Orisis
    Phobos - Relive The Nightmare,doom2.wad,-file relive.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename RelivePhobos,Phobos - Relive The Nightmare
    Phoenix Weopons 2050,doom2.wad,-file DOOM2050.WAD MONSTERS.WAD DOOM2050.DEH MONSTERS.DEH -savename Doom2050,Doom2050
    Otaku,doom2.wad,-file OTAKULVL.WAD PRISS.DEH doom2_xm.wad -savename Otaku,Otaku
    Quake,doom2.wad,-file qkedoom.wad q2gfx.wad qdsprite.wad qdm.deh tnt_xm.wad -savename Quake,Quake
    Quake2,doom2.wad,-file quake2.wad plut_xm.wad -savename quake2, Quake2
    Raven,doom2.wad,-file raven.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Raven,Raven
    Rebirth,doom2.wad,-file Rebirth1.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Rebirth,Rebirth
    Requiem,doom2.wad,-file REQMUS.WAD REQUIEM.WAD doom2_xm.wad -savename requiem,Requiem
    Revolution,doom2.wad,-file TVR!.WAD tnt_xm.wad -savename Revolution,Revolution
    Scythe,doom2.wad,-file scythe.wad plut_xm.wad -savename scythe,Scythe
    Scythe 2,doom2.wad,-file scythe2.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Scythe 2,Scythe 2
    Sector666,doom2.wad,-file s666.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Sector666,Sector666
    Starwars: law56ker edit,doom2.wad,-file starwarsbeta2.wad sw1_9.deh tnt_xm.wad -savename Starwars,Starwars
    Star Wars Planet 65: law56ker edit,doom2.wad,-file starwarsbeta2.wad planet.wad sw1_9.deh tnt_xm.wad -savename SWarPlanet65,Star Wars Planet 65
    Strain,doom2.wad,-file strainfix.wad Strain_Jive.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Strain,Strain
    Suspended in Dusk,doom2.wad,-file sid.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Suspendusk,Suspended in Dusk
    Super Mario Doom Remix: law56ker edit,doom2.wad,-file smdremix.wad mario_xm.wad -savename SMarioRemix,Super Mario Doom Remix
    Super Mario Doom Remix with level: law56ker edit,doom2.wad,-file smdw.wad smdremix.wad mario_xm.wad -savename SMarioRemix,Super Mario Doom Remix
    Super Weapons Doom 2,doom2.wad,-file suprwep8.deh -savename SuperWeapons, Super Weapons Doom 2
    Talosian Incident,doom2.wad,-file talosl.wad talosm.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Talosian,Talosian
    Turbo Doom 2,doom2.wad,-file turbo.deh -savename Turbo Doom 2, Turbo Doom 2
    UAC Corporation,doom2.wad,-file UACCORP.WAD plut_xm.wad -savename UACorp,UAC Corporation
    Vae Victus 2,doom2.wad,-file vv2.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Vae Victus2,Vae Victus 2
    Vilecore,doom2.wad,-file vilecore1.0.wad vilecore.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Vilecore,Vilecore
    Wheel of Time,doom2.wad,-file wheelot.wad wotdoom3.deh tnt_xm.wad -savename Wheeloftime,Wheel of Time
    Wicked,doom2.wad,-file wicked_1.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Wicked,Wicked
    Wolfendoom: Arctic Wolf,doom2.wad,-file arctic.wad arctic1.deh arctic2.deh wolf_xm.wad -warp 9 -savename ArcticWolf,Wolfendoom: Arctic Wolf
    Wolfendoom: Wolfenstein,doom2.wad,-file original.wad original.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename Wolfenstein,Wolfendoom: Wolfenstein
    Wolfendoom: 2nd Encounter,doom2.wad,-file 2nd_enc.wad 2nd_enc.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename 2ndEncounter,Wolfendoom: 2nd Encounter
    Wolfendoom: Portal,doom2.wad,-file portal.wad portal.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename WolfenPortal,Wolfendoom: Portal
    Wolfendoom: Astrostein 1,doom2.wad,-file astro.wad astro.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename Astrostein1,Wolfendoom: Astrostein 1
    Wolfendoom: Astrostein 2,doom2.wad,-file astro2.wad astro2.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename Astrostein2,Wolfendoom: Astrostein 2
    Wolfendoom: Astrostein 3,doom2.wad,-file astro3.wad astro3.deh wolf_xm.wad -warp 10 -savename Astrostein3,Wolfendoom: Astrostein 3
    Wolfendoom: Die Fuhrer Die,doom2.wad,-file die.wad die.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename DieFuhrerDie,Wolfendoom: Die Fuhrer Die
    Wolfendoom: Escape from Totenhaus,doom2.wad,-file toten.wad toten.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename EscapeToten, Escape from Totenhaus
    Wolfendoom: Halten Sie!,doom2.wad,-file halten.wad halten.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename Halten Sie!,Wolfendoom: Halten Sie!
    Wolfendoom: Nocturnal Missions,doom2.wad,-file noct.wad noct.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename Nocturnal,Wolfendoom: Nocturnal Missions
    Wolfendoom: Operation Rheingold Episode 1,doom2.wad,-file rhein1.wad rhein1.deh wolf_xm.wad -warp 4 -savename rheingold,Wolfendoom: Operation Rheingold Episode 1
    Wolfendoom: Operation Rheingold Episode 2,doom2.wad,-file rhein2.wad wolf_xm.wad rhein2.deh -warp 4 -savename rheingold2,Wolfendoom: Operation Rheingold Episode 2
    Wolfendoom: Operation: Eisenmann,doom2.wad,-file eisen.wad eisen.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename Operation: Eisenmann,Wolfendoom: Operation: Eisenmann
    Wolfendoom: Spear of Destiny,doom2.wad,-file sod.wad sod.deh wolf_xm.wad -savename wolfenspear,Wolfendoom: Spear of Destiny
    Wolfendoom: Treasure Hunt,doom2.wad,-file hunt.wad hunt.deh wolf_xm.wad -warp 3 -savename wolfenhunt,Wolfendoom: Treasure Hunt

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    Disc 2 Contents:

    Albillo,doomu.wad,-file albillo.wad doom2_xm.wad -warp 2 1 -savename Albillo,Albillo
    Alien Vs Predator Vs Terminator,doom2.wad,-file avpvt3.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename AlienTerPred,Alien Vs Terminator vs Predator
    All Hell is Breaking Loose,doom2.wad,-file allhell.wad allhell.deh tnt_xm.wad -savename HellBrkLoose,All Hell is Breaking Loose
    Antichrist,doom2.wad,-file alevels.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Antichrist,Antichrist
    Aura Weapons Mod,doom2.wad,-file auraguns1.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename AuraWeapons,Aura Weapons Mod
    Altier 6 & Insanity,doom2.wad,-file altier6.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename AltierInsane,Altier 6 & Insanity
    Anubis,doom2.wad,-file anubisdc.wad anub_8.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Anubis,Anubis
    Armadosia The Mad Corridor,doom2.wad,-file armadosia.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Armadosia,Armadosia
    Artifact,doomu.wad,-file artifact.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename Artifact,Artifact
    Blood: The Funeral Home,doom2.wad,-file blud888.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename BloodFuneral,Blood Funeral Home
    Bloodpack,doom2.wad,-file bloodpak_v_1_03.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Bloodpack,Bloodpack
    Blood Runners,doom2.wad,-file #bloodr.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename BloodRunners,Blood Runners
    Egypt,doom2.wad,-file egypt.wad egypt.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Egypt,Egypt
    Endgame,doom2.wad,-file endgame.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Endgame,Endgame
    Castle of the Damned,doom2.wad,-file castleof.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename CastleDamned,Castle of the Damned
    Caverns,doomu.wad,-file caverns.wad doom1_xm.wad -warp 1 2 -savename Caverns,Caverns
    Chex,doom2.wad,-file chex.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Chex,Chex
    Chex 2,doom2.wad,-file chex2.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Chex 2,Chex 2
    Chord 3,doom2.wad,-file chord3.wad tnt_xm.wad -warp 27 -savename Chord 3,Chord 3
    Chord G,doom2.wad,-file chordg.wad plut_xm.wad -warp 29 -savename Chord G, Chord G
    Christmas 99,doom2.wad,-file xmas99.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Christmas 99,Christmas 99
    CH Retro Episode,doomu.wad,-file retroeps.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename CHretro,CH Retro Episode
    City of Doom,doom2.wad,-file cod1-11.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename City of Doom,City of Doom
    Classic Episode,doomu.wad,-file class_ep.wad doom1_xm.wad -warp 2 1 -savename ClassicEpside,Classic Episode
    Cleimos 2,doom2.wad,-file cleimos2.wad cleimos2.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Cleimos 2,Cleimos 2
    Community Chest,doom2.wad,-file cchest.wad cc.deh plut_xm.wad -savename ComntyChest,Community Chest
    Community Chest 2,doom2.wad,-file cchest2.wad tnt_xm.wad -warp 02 -savename ComntyChest2,Community Chest 2
    Community Chest 3,doom2.wad,-file cchest3.wad -savename ComntyChest3,Community Chest 3
    Console Doom,doom2.wad,-file consoledoom.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Console Doom,Console Doom
    Crestfallen,doom2.wad,-file crestfal.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Crestfallen,Crestfallen
    Crimson Canyon,doom2.wad,-file crmsn37.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename CrimsonCanyn,Crimson Canyon
    Crossing Acheron,doom2.wad,-file acheron.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename CrossAcheron,Crossing Acheron
    Crusades,doomu.wad,-file crusades.wad doom1_xm.wad -warp 4 1 -savename Crusades,Crusades
    Cry of the Poseidon,doom2.wad,-file vile_geo.wad vile_geo.deh tnt_xm.wad -warp 17 -savename CryofPosidon,Cry of the Poseidon
    Cyber Dreams Escape,doom2.wad,-file cyber110.wad cyber110.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Cyber Dreams,Cyber Dreams
    Cygnus IV,doom2.wad,-file cygnusiv.wad cygnusiv.deh tnt_xm.wad -savename Cygnus IV,Cygnus IV
    Dark Canyon,doom2.wad,-file canyon.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Dark Canyon,Dark Canyon
    Dark Covenant,doom2.wad,-file darkcvnt.wad plut_xm.wad -savename DarkConvnant,Dark Convenant
    Dawn Of Dead,doomu.wad,-file DODEAD.WAD DODEAD.DEH doom1_xm.wad -savename DODEAD,Dawn of Dead
    Death Tormention,doomu.wad,-file pe4m_all.wad pe4m_all.deh doom1_xm.wad -warp 4 1 -savename DeathTorment,Death Tormention
    Death Tormention 2,doomu.wad,-file pe4_dt2.wad pe4_dt2.deh doom1_xm.wad -warp 4 1 -savename DeathTormnt2,Death Tormention 2
    Decent Into Hell,doom2.wad,-file d3.wad plut_xm.wad -savenameDecentinHell,Decent Into Hell
    Demonfear,doom2.wad,-file Dmonfear.wad -savename doom2_xm.wad Demonfear,Demonfear
    $#@!ie 10,doom2.wad,-file $#@!ie10.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename $#@!ie 10,$#@!ie 10
    Doom 32,doom2.wad,-file doom32.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Doom 32,Doom 32
    Doom 64 Graphics Mod,doom2.wad,-file doom64graphics.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Doom64,Doom 64 Graphic
    Doom 3 Graphics Mod,doom2.wad,-file d3mod.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Doom3Graphic,Doom 3 Graphics Mod
    Doomsday,doom2.wad,-file doomsday.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Doomsday,Doomsday
    Dragon Ball Z,doom2.wad,-file doomz.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename DragonBall Z,Dragon Ball Z
    Dusk,doom2.wad,-file dusk.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Dusk,Dusk
    End II,doomu.wad,-file endII.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename End II,End II
    Enigma,doom2.wad,-file enigma.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Enigma,Enigma
    Equinox,doom2.wad,-file equinox.wad plut_xm.wad -warp 2 -savename Equinox,Equinox
    Extremal,doomu.wad,-file extremal.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename Extremal,Extremal
    Fallout graphics,doom2.wad,-file fallout.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Fallout,Fallout
    Fava Beans,doomu.wad,-file fava.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename Fava Beans,Fava Beans
    Flashback Demo,doomu.wad,-file fbdemo.wad doom1_xm.wad -warp 2 1 -savename Flashback,Flashback Demo
    Fort Scar,doom2.wad,-file fortscar.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Fort Scar,Fort Scar
    Garrulo,doom2.wad,-file garrulo.wad garrulo.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Garrulo,Garrulo
    Grove,doom2.wad,-file grovealt.wad -savename Grove,Grove
    Hells Eventide,doom2.wad,-file eventide.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename HellsEvntide,Hells Eventide
    Hell to Pay Demo,doom2.wad,-file htp-ltd.wad htpdemos.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Hell to Pay,Hell to Pay
    Herian,doom2.wad,-file hexenher.wad herian.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Herian,Herian
    Hereos,doomu.wad,-file heroes.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename Heroes,Heroes
    Heroes 2,doom2.wad,-file heroes2.WAD tnt_xm.wad -savename Heroes2,Heroes 2
    Hyena,doom2.wad,-file hyena.wad hyena.deh e3m1ptch.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Hyena,Hyena
    Infinity,doomu.wad,-file infinity.wad infimus.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename Infinity,Infinity
    Insanity,doom2.wad,-file insanity2.wad insanever.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Insanity,Insanity
    Kama Sutra,doom2.wad,-file ksutra.wad tnt_xm.wad -save name Kama Sutra,Kama Sutra
    KS9,doom2.wad,-file ks9.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename KS9,KS9
    Mines of Titan,doom2.wad,-file mines.wad plut_xm.wad -savename MinesofTitan,Mines of Titan
    Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero,doom2.wad,-file sub-zero.wad sub-zero.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Subzero,Mortal KombatSub-Zero
    Mountain Factor,doom2.wad,-file mtfactor.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename MntainFactor,Mountain Factor
    Neith,doomu.wad,-file neith.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename Neith,Neith
    Nemesis,doom2.wad,-file doomnemesis.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Nemesis,Nemesis
    Nemisis,doom2.wad,-file nemisis.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Nemisis,Nemisis
    Nintendo Doom,doom2.wad,-file Nintendo.wad -savename Nintendoom,NintendoDoom
    No Hope for Life,doomu.wad,-file nhfl.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename NoHope4Life,No Hope for Life
    Of Demons and Men,doomu.wad,-file odam.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename DemonsandMen,Of Demons and Men
    Mummy 3D,doom2.wad,-file mum3d1.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Mummy 3D,Mummy 3D
    Null Space,doom2.wad,-file nulspace.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Null Space,Null Space
    Number One Kill The Next Generation,doom2.wad,-file 1killtng.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename 1KillNextGen,Number One Kill The Next Generation Number One Kill The Next Generation
    Odessa,doom2.wad,-file odessa14.wad tnt_xm.wad -warp 14 -savename Odessa 14,Odessa 14
    Periditions Gate Demo,doom2.wad,-file pgltd.wad pgdemos.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Peridition,Periditions Gate Demo
    Phantasm,doom2.wad,-file phantasm.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Phantasm,Phantasm
    Phobos Revisited,doomu.wad -file phobos-v.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename Phobos Revisited,Phobos Revisted
    Phobos,doom2.wad,-file phobos.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename doom2_xm.wad Phobos,Phobos
    Phobos 3,doom2.wad,-file phobos3.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Phobos 3,Phobos 3
    Pinochestein,doom2.wad,-file Doom22.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Pinochesten,Pinochesten
    Polygon Base,doom2.wad,-file polygon.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Polygon Base,Polygon Base
    Project Space,doom2.wad,-file psp.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename ProjectSpace,Project Space
    Quake 2 Weapons,doom2.wad,-file q2wep.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Quake2Weapon,Quake 2 Weapons
    Remain,doom2.wad,-file remain1.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Remain,Remain
    Realistic Escape from Pittston Area,doom2.wad,-file pafinal.wad -savename EscapePitstn,Escape from Pittston Area
    Realistic Delft College Phoenix building,doom2.wad,-file phoenix3.wad -savename PhoenixCllge,Delft College Phoenix building
    Realistic Hoover Dam,doom2.wad,-file hoover.wad -savename Hoover Dam,Realistic Hoover Dam
    Realistic Jungle,doom2.wad,-file reallvl.wad real.deh -savename realjungle,Real Jungle
    Realistic Metro 13,doom2.wad,-file metro13.wad -savename Metro 13,Metro 13
    Realistic St. John's College:Oxford,doom2.wad,-file sjc.wad -savename Oxford,St. John's College:Oxford
    Realistic Tower of Pisa,doom2.wad,-file pisa.wad -savename TowerOfPisa,Tower of Pisa
    Realistic Trinity College Cambridge,doom2.wad,-file d2trinty.wad -savename TrinityCol,Trinity College Cambridge
    Real World 1&2,doom2.wad,-file rw.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Realworld1&2,Real World 1&2
    Rest In Peace,doom2.wad,-file restinpc.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename RestInPeace,Rest In Peace
    Ruma,doom2.wad,-file ruma.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Ruma,Ruma
    Run Away,doom2.wad,-file runaway.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Run Away,Run Away
    Run Buddy,doom2.wad,-file runbuddy.wad tnt_xm.wad -warp 3 -savename Run Buddy,Run Buddy
    Selfish Series,doom2.wad,-file self-ep.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Selfish,Selfish Series
    Slayer,doom2.wad,-file slayer.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Slayer,Slayer
    Silly Wars,doom2.wad,-file sillywow.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Silly War,Silly War
    Silly Wars Big Freaking Monster Hunt,doom2.wad,-file bfmhunt.wad bfmhunt4.wad plut_xm.wad -savename MonsterHunt,Big Freaking Monster Hunt
    Simply Phobos,doomu.wad,-file pe1_phob.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename SimplyPhobos,Simply Phobos
    Simpsons,doom2.wad,-file ulsimpdm.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Simpsons,Simpsons
    Squadron 417,doom2.wad,-file squadron.wad plut_xm.wad -savename Squadron,Squadron
    Stone Stratagems v1,doom2.wad,-file stone.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename StonStratgem,Stone Stratagems v1
    Star Trek,doom2.wad,-file ncc1701.wad plut_xm.wad -savename startrek,Star Trek
    Sub Version,doomu.wad,-file sub-ep.wad doom1_xm.wad -warp 3 4 -savename Sub Version,Sub Version
    Super Weapons Ultimate Doom 2,doomu.wad,-file suprwep8.deh -savename SuperWeapUlt,Super Weapons Ultimate Doom
    System Vices,doom2.wad,-file sysvice.wad plut_xm.wad -savename System Vices,System Vices
    Tantrum 2,doom2.wad,-file tantrum2.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Tantrum 2,Tantrum 2
    Titan Anomaly,doom2.wad,-file anomaly.wad plut_xm.wad -savename TitanAnomaly,Titan Anomaly
    Troopers Playground,doom2.wad,-file ttp.wad ttp.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Trooplaygrnd,Troopers Playground
    Turbo Ultimate Doom,doomu.wad,-file turbo.deh -savename TurboUltDoom,Turbo Ultimate Doom
    Twilight Zone,doom2.wad,-file twzone.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Twilightzone,Twilightzone
    Twilight Zone II,doom2.wad,-file twzone2.wad t22.deh plut_xm.wad -savename TwilightZon2,The Twilight Zone II
    Venom,doom2.wad,-file venom.wad tnt_xm.wad -savename Venom,Venom
    Vile Flesh,doom2.wad,-file vile.wad vile.deh tnt_xm.wad -savename Vile Flesh
    Yesterday's Nightmare,doom2.wad,-file yestrday.wad tnt_xm.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename Yesterday,Yesterday's Nightmare
    Wonderful Remake,doomu.wad,-file wd1.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename Wonderful,Wonderful Remake
    Zombies,doom2.wad,-file zombie.wad zombie.deh plut_xm.wad -savename Zombies,Zombies
    10 Sector,doom2.wad,-file 10sector.wad doom2_xm.wad -savename 10 Sector,10 Sector
    10 Sectors 2,doom2.wad,-file 10secto2.wad plut_xm.wad -savename 10 Sectors 2,10 Sectors 2
    2002 A Doom Odyssey,doomu.wad,-file 2002ado.wad doom1_xm.wad -savename 2K2Odyssey,2002 A Doom Odyssey
    99 ways to die,doom2.wad,-file 99WAYS.WAD doom2_xm.wad -savename 99ways,99ways

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    Won Hung Lo wraggster's Avatar
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    i have to say that you have delivered the ultimate doom collection

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    That's really a big collection of mods! Hah the one with the NES gun is funny

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    Yea, "super mario remix" is a mod that someone else made and I touched up a bit.

    My goal with this collection was to deliver almost every quality doom mod that will work with nxdoom.

    It took alot of research, downloading and editing. I didn't know much about doom mods before I started making this collection.

    My only wish is that someone would make a doom port to dreamcast that can play all the music files included in the wads.

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    Can these mods also be used on say PSP/DS etc ?

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    I dont supose you could turn this into a selfboot cdi image real quik, could you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraggster View Post
    Can these mods also be used on say PSP/DS etc ?
    I'd assume they would work, though, I'm not sure how the doom ports for those systems handle the loading process. So the mods that load multiple files probably would have to be set up differently.

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    I could not get the first CD to work.

    Eventually I took out some of the mods from the Doom folder to make the file smaller before i made a .cdi out of it with bootdreams.

    That worked. Has anyone else had to do this?

    The only problem I had with the second CD is that I have the CD collection of Doom and the ultimate doom wad is named doom.wad instead of doomu.wad.

    I renamed the was doomu.wad and everything seems to be working fine.

    besides those roadblocks I am enjoying the collection alot.

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