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    Default New to the XBOX

    i have been looking at all the different mod chips what chip is the best and or easiest to use,

    also when you replace your hard drive do you have to installl any kind of programs to the drive so it will work properly,

    im very interested in learning about what kind of stuff i can do to my xbox, heres the site that ive been looking at the modchips

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    thanks in advance for any information you can give me

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    Default Re: New to the XBOX

    for someone totally new i suggest you use a no solder chip.
    all the chips do about the same thing... just some have room for more bioses... but you only really need 1 ( x_x i assume you will use cromwell as it is the only legall one out there as far as i know)

    if you need tutorials for hardware check as i have never tinkered with the hardware of my box (cept for a chip of course).

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    Default Re: New to the XBOX

    also keep your eye out on my Xbox Evolution Site at

    Always loads of new news about Xbox Modchips and the scene as a whole.

    i also say get a No Solder Chip, my advise is to get someone who already has fitted a chip to do it for you, expensive i know but at least you will still have an xbox after

    Also be aware of a lot of these Modchip sellers, my advice again is to follow links off main Xbox sites like the one i linked and Xbox Scene. Theres a lot of scammers out there.

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