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    Default Light Gun Game

    I figure i would need the lightgun KOS driver but what other things would i need to make light gun game? Ive looked but is there a HOTD2 engine i could use or would i have to code from scratch?

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    Well if you are making a 3D lightgun game you could use KGLx or the Iris3D engine. I went with Iris3D when I made Revolver at the time. A128 is working on a new 3D engine for the Dreamcast called Holly3D which started out as a modified version of Iris but I think it's almost entirely been re-written. I don't know what the status of it is right now. You could also go with creating your engine to make the game but it would be adding months to the project. However you would learn alot and the Dreamcast hardware in the process.
    If you went with a 2D game, there's always SDL.

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