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Thread: using maple for a ram stick?

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    Default using maple for a ram stick?

    I'm a newbee so be gentle!!
    The maple bus has 5 volts and a serial interface, the controller has ram on board so would it be possible to connect up a "PC" USB RAM stick into the bus( using Linux to recognise it) thus creating a "whatever the stick is " Drive?

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    Default Re: using maple for a ram stick?

    "USB RAM stick"? It's not a RAM stick. It uses Flash memory. Just call it a USB memory stick, not RAM, and you at least won't confuse people. Anyway, this is being discussed in the other recent thread about a HD. I think the interface would be fast enough to have a halfway tolerable interface for a small flash device, but its not nearly fast enough to warrant connecting a HD. It'd take forever to transfer any significant amounts of data, slower than the GD-ROM even.

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