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    Tonight i had the pleasure of trying the Super Dual Box which is an adapter thats lets you use PS1 & PS2 Joypads/Steering Wheels/Dancemats etc on your PC and 2 at a time with Force Feedback.[br][br]Sounds great doesnt it, well i thought i would give it a try with Chankast, Snes9x Win and finally Project 64, read the full review Here

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    I'd also like you to know, that I have the Super Dual box, and although it says for Windows 9x, ME, XP and MacOS. It DOES work also with Linux kernels 2.6 (maybe 2.4 as well), but with one problem. It'll only see 1 PSpad at a time, not both. don't know why yet. Probably a HID driver problem, other than that The single PSPad works perfectly. Great for Advancemame, X-Mame and others.

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