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Thread: Sega History Toys: Mini Replica of Master System, Mark III, Dreamcast, Saturn, Megadrive, Mega CD !

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    Default Sega History Toys: Mini Replica of Master System, Mark III, Dreamcast, Saturn, Megadrive, Mega CD !

    Just seen this news item and it made me smile, heres a rather cool news item from Lik Sang [br][br]
    • Despite a press release of its death almost four years ago now, the Dreamcast refuses to die. Sega even released a game for it earlier this year, in fact revealing a small secret to the console none knew before. As 2005 approaches, we stock a huge number of DC items, from the game just-in days ago, Baldr Force Exe, to Price Crusher titles like Soul Calibur and the Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Pack. We even sell homebrew titles like Feet of Fury, Inhabitants and Maqiupai (last two on pre-order for a while and currently stuck due to production problems at GOAT Publishing). Along with accessories, there's hardware like the Universal System, the Cha Cha Amigo Controller, the VGA Cable, the Dance Mat, the Hardcore Pack... While Dreamcast is turning six later this month, Sega Saturn turns ten just a few days beforehands, and Lik-Sang produces many common accessories for it still nowadays, including all the cables a gamer need, controllers and more, helping to keep the system running in loyalists' living rooms.[br][br]In short, we know there's a lot of Sega fans out there, ourselves included. The Sega History are coming especially for them. These mini collectibles are truly fantastically detailed, and chronicles gaming history from the DC, right back to the Mark III. Released in Oct of '85, later becoming the Master System, the Mark III toys come with two controllers, a game card and SG-1000 Fantasy Zone cartridge, plus the optional FM sound unit. Did you know? The Mark III, almost 20 years old, had an optional wireless video transmitter, the Telecon Pack.[br][br] Nov of 1987 then brought the Master System over to Japan, which again in toy form comes with two pads and two games, a Phantasy Star cartridge and card. - Did you know? A Master System III was released in Brazil only, and was basically a white Master System II, but with about 70 games built in.[br][br]The system that really put Sega on the map however, was the Mega Drive (Genesis), released in Japan on the 29th of Oct 1988. We have two versions of these toys, both with a controller and the powerbase Master System converter, but each with a different game cartridge, Alien Soldier or Sonic. - Did you know? Sega produced a Terra Drive (Mega PC for Europe) which along with being a 25Mhz 386 PC, could play Mega Drive games. For the price of about US$3,000 however, naturally it wasn't exactly a success.[br] [br][br]Three years later, on the 12th of Dec 1991, Sega released the Mega CD, then three years after that, the 32X. One of these toys comes with the Mega CD, a controller and Mansion of Hidden Souls game, but also 32X unit and Virtua Fighter cartridge as well. The separate Mega Drive model can clip on top, and naturally the 32X goes on top of that, into the cartridge slot. - Did you know? The Mega CD cost almost US$400 when first released in Japan and Europe, and US$299 for its actual American release. Also, when Sega decided to design the 32X, they started and then launched it all in the same year. Only 18 games were ever released for it in Japan.[br][br]Still in 1994, the Saturn was released on the 22nd of Nov, which comes here with a controller, and a copy of Virtua Fighter 2. Along with the game packing, the games for Mega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast also come with a mini replica of the actual disc, which fits inside the mini CD drives, which do open up. - Did you know? While Sega of America was working on the 32X, Sega of Japan was busy creating the 32 bit CD based Saturn, and didn't tell Sega of America about it until the 32X was already in development.[br][br]27th of November 1998 is a date Sega fans won't soon forget, the release of the last Sega console, the Dreamcast. This miniature edition comes with Space Channel 5, a controller, and two VMU units, which can slide into the controller. If you hold two of the Dreamcast sets, you can even connect two VMU units together. - Did you know? Earlier this year, Sega released their last Dreamcast title, Puyo Puyo Fever. In it, Sega revealed how it's possible to change the startup sequence and system menu backgrounds for the console, with many different designs unlocked when the game is finished.
    [br][br]Nice article and you must check out the ultra cool screenshots Here

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    Default Re: Sega History Toys: Mini Replica of Master Syst

    I still mourn not getting a mega pc when I had the chance one time a few years back, one day I shall own one

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    Default Re: Sega History Toys: Mini Replica of Master Syst

    Hey will have that mega ebay collection in soon.

    good time to pick up a console for your collection.

    i want a virtual boy and maybe a few others

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    Default Re: Sega History Toys: Mini Replica of Master Syst

    I own A Mega PC... picked it up in a Car boot sale for 5 in 2001... I actually originally owned one in 1993, bought it at Dixons for 500... sold it two months later in dismay because I couldn't connect a Mega CD. Couldn't sell it privately at the time so ended up getting half the money for it in a PC shop that wanted Amstrads. Kinda ironic that I picked up one all them years later for next to nothing! The only thing wrong with it was the rechargable battery had leaked a little hence causing the CMOS to reset everytime it was turned on. I got an old 286 Amstrad that happened to have the same types of PC parts in it and swiped the battery! now its great!

    I own a Boxed Wondermega (original motorised tray version) and brand new boxed Mega Jet amongst other sega toys as well... I was a bit of a collector a few years back, kinda stopped now I live in Denmark (all my collection is still in my mums loft in UK, Danish Girlfriend wouldn't let me bring it all.. hee hee)....I'd still LOVE a Mk III.... and a Tera Drive.. OOOO!! ;D

    I wonder if lik-sang will send one of each of the mini consoles if you order six "random" packs..

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