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Thread: Maple documentation needed

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    Default Maple documentation needed

    Hi pals,

    I need any paper/doc/article/pdf/whatever you can find about the maple bus as the connecting interface to the controllers.

    Any data given, such as voltage, communication speed, morphology of the controller cables, etc... will be seriously well received.

    Thanks for your time!

    Best regards,


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    Marcus Comstedt's Site has some info on the Maple Bus, and there's a large PDF Document in the Developer Documents Section at boob covering the entire Maple Bus. It's a heavy read though, but it helped me with the lightgun.

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    Default Re: Maple documentation needed

    Marcus's site and that maple patent doc are pretty much all you need..
    the only thing that's confusing at first on the wire side, is the bit/byte ordering..
    but after 1/2 hour of staring at timing/state listing you get used to..

    I built the recieveing end with a few GALs, mainly as shift registers..
    I used this just to listen to data..
    if I remeber right..
    I had a cicrcuit checking for D0 low, while D1 pulses, into a counter (q)
    datastart.s = (!q0 & !q1 & q4) & !do & d1
    then I'd get the 4bytes using a flipflop to toggle d0/d1 as clk/data
    5th byte was checksum.. at which point I'd reset the entire circuit..
    but I remeber there was a special termination frame..

    Shouldn't be too hard to make translation circuit with uController..
    if that's what you're trying to do

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