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    DC Homebrew the Dreamcast scenes biggest site with over 200 different games, demos and multimedia software for the Dreamcast and also some great hosted sites is now the home of DC Freedev, heres what the author Propellor posted about it originally at DCEmu UK [br][br] This an special version for the MadriDC event, and one of the coolest features that have been included is the ability to program for ARM devices, such the AICA hardware or the powerful GP32 (Dreamcast's little sister). [br][br]that was for the first release, here was the update newspost:[br][br] Hi there, [br][br]your can download right now the patch for the 1.1.1 version of DCFreeDev. It installs over a existing installation of DCFreeDev 1.1, so please download it first if you don't own it. The *new* features, in a nutshell, are:[br][br]* New Dreamcast templates added. Now you can select the use of the coder's cable, a binary generation, or a CHANKAST direct execution. Yes, Una-i and I have worked together to bring you bleeding edge Dreamcast emulation to the development zone. Thanks a lot to the whole Chanka team, and specially to Una-i, who also helped me as betatester.[br][br]* New GP32 template: USB cable is now supported for direct uploading of the executable file. The GP32 templates now generate nearly *every* executable format: AXF, FXE, ELF, GXB, etc...[br][br]* The older malfunctioning templates are now working.[br][br]* New splash screen courtesy of Escher was a genius, and everyone should visit his postumus website, just to become amazed of his symmetry pictures and impossible pics. Thanks, MC.[br][br]* A compilation of SH4 specific documentation and a quick guide for easily producing working projects from a template (for GP32, I'm working on the DC guide). Downloadable in PDF format. [br][br]Download at the link above , those with questions should direct them to Propellor at DCEmu UK Forums, where he is a valued staff member.

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    you will also notice dc stuff and dcevo images too

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    Why do you always say "PropellOr" instead of "PropellEr"? ;D;D;D

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