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Thread: Teenage Queen MD for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. (New Game Coming Soon)

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    retro Teenage Queen MD for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. (New Game Coming Soon)

    Pascal and the Spounick team who we at the Dreamcast Scene know very well are to release the first Commercial quality Megadrive game in many years, heres the details from the site:

    We're still alive and kicking, and this time we decided to go retro!! We're pleased to announce that our new project is :

    Teenage Queen MD for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive.

    It's a straight port of a famous Strip Poker game available for the Atari ST. That game would never have received Sega's approval in the nineties, so we decided to correct that mistake

    The game release is for Q4 2006. We're planning to produce one batch of cards (card+manual+clamshell box) and sell them at cost price, but we gonna release the rom to the public aswell. Our first price estimation is ranging from 25 to 35 dollars.

    Please keep in mind, this is not a commercial release, as we don't have the rights on the game, but think it more like a tribute to the Megadrive/Genesis and the fact that we're having fun to produced a complete new product for adding in our cards collection

    In order to evaluate the demand and get a better price estimation, we're taking now pre-orders for the game cards.Please, preorder only if you really intend to buy the game !

    For preordering it's easy, just send a email to [email protected] with your complete details (name,surname,age & country) and the desired quantity of cards. Off course, you need to above 18

    The Team

    Great news for retro fans and adult game loving fans too, checkout the Spoutnick Team Website

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    Oh, great. 16-bit, gamepad controlled strip poker that costs money. That sounds worthwhile

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    Are there website available?

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    Nice upcoming game

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