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Thread: including KOS with DevCpp

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    Default including KOS with DevCpp

    I successfully finished this tutorial to compile DC projects:

    I can now compile the exampleprogramms (which also include kos), and they work fine. but when I start a new project and want to include kos (I copied example programms) it cant find the kos.h. I even have a special DC Version uf Dev Cpp, where I can select that I want to make a DREAMCAST C Project over the CODERS CABLE, and the Programm automaticalli sets the .mak file to coderscable type and writes a simple sample program in the main.c file. but when I want to compile it, then it sais that kos.h cannot be found, tough the compiler can find it when I want to compile a exampleprogramm. What could be the problem?

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    Default Re: including KOS with DevCpp

    Has got some screenshot that should walk you through the problem. Basically it sound like your project is not including the c:\Dev-Cpp\dcincludes folder and probably alot other stuff needs to be configured.

    I have only used dev-cpp 1.0 so i dont know whats changed since, because I usually just use the cygwin commandline.

    Good Luck


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